Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 45

June 20, 2016

So this week was fun! Nothing really strange happened like losing water, but it was still awesome!

First off... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! 

I hope all the fathers out there had a great day and were spoiled by their families!  It is also Father's day out here in Peru, but we didn't really do anything special! Most people just went out to eat as a family!

In terms of missionary work...

We decided to stop visiting Meli and her family for sometime.. we were kinda stuck in a rut... they said they hadn't received an answer but then told us they felt peace when they prayed ... and that was their answer.  It just repeated like that every lesson. We even prayed with them in the lesson to have them feel the Spirit, but they didn't recognize it. So we´re going to stop visiting them for sometime and give them a little space.  I think it will really help them notice the absence of the Spirit. 

In terms of Felipe and Sara, the kids didn't come to church because the mom got sick.  The kids did tell us they prayed and felt that the church was true and accepted a baptismal date for the 16 of July! We´re going to work really hard for that date.  They might not be able to be baptized that day if their parents don't start coming to church, but I know we can really help them this week!

Cute kids climbing the trees!

We got locked out of the church!!

We did service this week with Cesaria.  She is an elderly lady in the ward ... who is awesome. (The funny part is that her name literally means c-section!)  She had us clean her doors, which were actually really full of dirt, so we wiped off the dirt with a rag and then she handed us petroleum to wipe on the doors "to make it shine!"   I just really hope no one takes a match over there soon!!! We also swept up her dirt floors and then she told us "Wow, there's so much dirt!" and we just laughed cause, of course there's dirt... its a dirt floor! hahahaha. She really is the sweetest, I keep meaning to take a picture with her but always forget!!

Raiza downloaded her scriptures on her tablet and has been reading them like that and it's so cute! She showed us where she is and how she´s been marking it ... we were just so happy!

This week was also the soccer game between Peru and Colombia and literally EVERYONE was watching it. EVERYONE! We walked past a house and we could look in, see the score, and then keep going! We were well updated! They even set up a projector in the town square where people got together and watched the game! It was funny! I took a picture! It was awesome, until Peru lost :(

Photo of town square ... sorry it is blurry!

So yeah, that was my week! pretty good!! I hope everything is going super well back home!!
Miss you all!!
Hermana Gurney

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