Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 68

November 28, 2016

Well, this week went by super fast! ahh! November is now ending, it just started yesterday!


So no, they don't celebrate thanksgiving in Peru, but I made my district have a little celebration. Thursdays we have our weekly planning and our district leader wanted us to all do it together, so we could learn new ways to plan for the people we are teaching.  So we all got together to plan Thursday morning and I told everyone they had to bring a little bit of food... we had a little feast and we each said two things we are grateful for! It was fun. I have a picture to send.

Thanksgiving ... Peruvian style!

Mini banana tree ... too cute!

During our planning, my companion and I were thinking about what we could do to find new investigators. That entire week, I had been thinking about a family of old investigators from the hermanas before us. They´re named Noemi and Richard. I had heard a lot about this family and I thought maybe one day I would go visit them again. I told that to my companion and she said she had felt the same way! So we took that as revelation and went to visit them Saturday night! They were super excited to see missionaries again and let us in!  We talked for a bit, read a chapter in their Book of Mormon, and invited them to church... AND THEY CAME!! Their whole family! They have three little boys, one of them was born about three months ago and all of them came! It was the first time the husband had come to church in the entire time the missionaries had been teaching him!  The first time! It was a huge miracle! We were so excited that we were able to follow the Spirit and help this family start investigating the church again. 

Zone conference in Tarapoto with Elder Godoy!

Pablo is still convinced everything is true... he went to a family home evening with us last week and was talking to the elder´s quorum president for the entire time we were there. We had to leave early, but according to Pablo, they were up until 11 talking about doctrine! Pablo said he left convinced! He promised us he would get baptized... but not until January! haha We told him he´s ready to get baptized earlier but he's a little hesitant. We´re working on that! 

Orlando and Elsa are... STILL waiting for the divorce papers! ugh! It's been a big chaos but were praying and we're going to fast so that they come in!! 

So basically that was my week! Im super glad Heavenly Father is helping find new people to teach! I know He will always help us to accomplish the things He wants us to do! Keep putting your trust in Him!

Love you guys! Happy December!
Hermana Gurney

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 67

November 21, 2016

Wow this week was interesting!

We finally hit our goal of lessons with a member! We've had the goal of 12 for the past two changes and every week we've hit 11 but finally this week we got to 12!  We were super happy! The members here are finally starting to help us more and more!! it was great because very last minute yesterday an active family called us to ask if we could go visit their friends with them! We didn't have any plans at that moment so we said yes!  They came and picked us up in their motokar and we got to go visit a super cool family! We haven't met their dad yet, but the mom and daughter have lots of desires to know the truth! Super stoked.

We had Family Home Evening with the Ruiz family.
Their daughter is so cute I just had to take a picture with her!

Welcome to Moyobama!

Cool staircase in my area!

Also we had a huge miracle yesterday... we finally found a less active named Victor!!  He hasn't come to church in over three months and used to be super active at church, but all of us sudden he was never home and never answered his phone.  Last night, an awesome sister named Analis was accompaning us and all our plans fell through, but Analis was like, "maybe Victor is home!"  Wow, what revelation, because he really was and we got to teach him for the first time in like 6 months! He recognizes that he´s drifted away from the church and he promised to pray this week for the strength to go to church next Sunday. whoo!! 

Janina has read her Book of Mormon all the way to 2 Nefi! Whoa!! She´s progressing super fast! She came to church too, but once again only stayed for one hour :( 

Pablo came to church though! He´s friends with Orlando, so Orlando went to pick him up and they had a blast at church! Pablo is a crazy awesome investigator! We went to teach him about the Book of Mormon and he started talking to us about how it makes so much sense because he always wanted to know what happened after the Tower of Babel, and now that he knows about the Jaredites it makes sense! The funniest part... we never even talked about the Jaredites to him.  He just read it in the Book of Mormon on his own!  He´s super convinced and wants to get baptized but he doesnt know if he´s going to travel to Chiclayo in December, so he´s a little hesitant to accept a baptismal date, but we´re working on it!

Orlando´s divorce papers... STILL haven't come in! ahhh it's been a huge pain! We went today in the morning and they said that for sure it will be ready by Thursday. UGH!!!! Hopefully they're not lying to us again!

A cool butterfly landed on the chair next to me during district meeting!

It is my district leader's last transfer ... this is what he put on his agenda.
I thought it was so funny ... I had to take picture of it.

This week a bunch of new missionaries came into our zone! Three new elders and one new sister... like newbies! straight out of the MTC!  To give them a big welcome, we brought ants and told them it was their rite (right?) of passage into the Moyobamba Zone. haha. The elders all ate them!! I'm sure they're all writing their families today about the ants they ate on their first day in the field! hahahahahahaha

So yup, that was my week!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I might celebrate a little with Hermana Laura but here in Peru, Thanksgiving doesn't exist :(
Hermana Gurney

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 66

November 14, 2016

So this week was actually kinda rough.  We had some really bad luck and literally every day our appointments fell through.  This week was a lot of street contacting and searching for less actives with the branch directory. 

LOTS OF SWEAT but it's all good!  It's a new week and it's going to be a great week!

A GIANT stick of bananas.  This is how they grow and how they sell them here!  

Red bananas!!!  What?  (They are sweeter than yellow bananas!)

Love the jungle!!

So what happened? 

Orlando´s divorce papers didn't come in, but they promised him it would come in today.  So we're praying that it doesn't get postponed anymore!!!  Even if they come in this week, I think Elsa will get baptized next week so we can plan something really nice with the branch!

Janina is still cool, we've just had a ton of scheduling conflicts with her and we haven't been able to teach her this entire week!  She did come to church though, but just one hour.  We gave her a Book of Mormon last week and we hope she has started to read it! 

We found a new investigator named Pablo, who a long time ago listened to the missionaries.  He was going to get baptized but he went on vacation and when he came back, he  never got in contact with the missionaries again.  He was super stoked to meet with us again!  We gave him a pamphlet of lesson one and he read it all in one night and told us he was convinced it is the truth!  He has a little bit of doubts about the sabbath day being Sunday because according to the bible its Saturday!  We´re working on that though!  He said he would pray about the sabbath day.

Today Hermana Inca ends her mission! She goes home today! On Thursday, we had to say goodbye because all the missionaries who end their missions have to go to Iquitos for a few days for interviews and everything.  It was a pretty sad goodbye but she promised to go to the airport in Lima when I go home so we can see each other one more time! Since she left on Thursday, her companion, Hermana Arteaga has been staying with us and it has been fun being in a little trio! 

Saying good-bye to Hermana Inca!

That's about it! Nothing else too crazy or interesting is going on! 

Love you all!
Hermana Gurney

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 65

November 7, 2016

Happy November! How crazy, time goes by so fast!

So this week was stressful, but I don't know why! Just lots of things to do!!

Jhonny came to church and received the Aaronic Priesthood! Yay! He also went to a YSA dance on Friday night and said it was a fun time! He has a girlfriend that's a member in another branch. Well, at least they were dating but they broke up a few weeks before his baptism, and now we think they're back together... but we´re not sure. :)  I'll let you know! I hope so cause Jhonny needs to marry someone who's an active member of the church! 

Picture with Jhonny at church yesterday

Mini birthday party ... with cake!!

A few weeks ago, we started teaching a girl names Janina, she's a less active´s girlfriend. The less active´s whole family is active.  He is actually a returned missionary too.  I'm not sure how a returned missionary goes inactive, but it seems to happen a lot over here!  Janina actually lives in the Elder´s area.  We told them to go visit her several times because she had been coming to church but they never went to visit her! So now she comes to the house of the active family so we can teach her!   

Just as a side note - this active family´s last names is Jesus.  When their sons went on missions, they were Elder Jesus! Apparently, one of their sons had a lot of success on his mission and everyone told him it was because of his name!

Anyways Janina is awesome! She read the entire pamphlet we left her and had prayed and received an answer! All after one visit! She told us she wants to get baptized, so were going to work with her in these next few weeks! She has a little bit of a problem coming to church ... so we need to teach her about attending church this week! Hopefully, she can come next Sunday

Orlando´s divorce papers should be coming in today! So hopefully this weekend they can get married and Elsa can get baptized! Please keep them in your prayers!

This week our pensionista´s dog gave birth to a bunch of puppies! Whooo! but the funny thing is these dogs don't have hair! There's a certain type of Peruvian dog, I don't know if it has a name, but it's a dog without hair.  It's kinda ugly, but everyone in Peru loves these dogs.  So we got to hold little puppies without hair!  hahaha!  It was cute but also kinda gross at the same time. I'll send pictures!

With a new hairless Peruvian puppy

That's about it! 
More news to come next week!
Love you guys!!!
Hermana Gurney