Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 66

November 14, 2016

So this week was actually kinda rough.  We had some really bad luck and literally every day our appointments fell through.  This week was a lot of street contacting and searching for less actives with the branch directory. 

LOTS OF SWEAT but it's all good!  It's a new week and it's going to be a great week!

A GIANT stick of bananas.  This is how they grow and how they sell them here!  

Red bananas!!!  What?  (They are sweeter than yellow bananas!)

Love the jungle!!

So what happened? 

Orlando´s divorce papers didn't come in, but they promised him it would come in today.  So we're praying that it doesn't get postponed anymore!!!  Even if they come in this week, I think Elsa will get baptized next week so we can plan something really nice with the branch!

Janina is still cool, we've just had a ton of scheduling conflicts with her and we haven't been able to teach her this entire week!  She did come to church though, but just one hour.  We gave her a Book of Mormon last week and we hope she has started to read it! 

We found a new investigator named Pablo, who a long time ago listened to the missionaries.  He was going to get baptized but he went on vacation and when he came back, he  never got in contact with the missionaries again.  He was super stoked to meet with us again!  We gave him a pamphlet of lesson one and he read it all in one night and told us he was convinced it is the truth!  He has a little bit of doubts about the sabbath day being Sunday because according to the bible its Saturday!  We´re working on that though!  He said he would pray about the sabbath day.

Today Hermana Inca ends her mission! She goes home today! On Thursday, we had to say goodbye because all the missionaries who end their missions have to go to Iquitos for a few days for interviews and everything.  It was a pretty sad goodbye but she promised to go to the airport in Lima when I go home so we can see each other one more time! Since she left on Thursday, her companion, Hermana Arteaga has been staying with us and it has been fun being in a little trio! 

Saying good-bye to Hermana Inca!

That's about it! Nothing else too crazy or interesting is going on! 

Love you all!
Hermana Gurney

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