Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 65

November 7, 2016

Happy November! How crazy, time goes by so fast!

So this week was stressful, but I don't know why! Just lots of things to do!!

Jhonny came to church and received the Aaronic Priesthood! Yay! He also went to a YSA dance on Friday night and said it was a fun time! He has a girlfriend that's a member in another branch. Well, at least they were dating but they broke up a few weeks before his baptism, and now we think they're back together... but we´re not sure. :)  I'll let you know! I hope so cause Jhonny needs to marry someone who's an active member of the church! 

Picture with Jhonny at church yesterday

Mini birthday party ... with cake!!

A few weeks ago, we started teaching a girl names Janina, she's a less active´s girlfriend. The less active´s whole family is active.  He is actually a returned missionary too.  I'm not sure how a returned missionary goes inactive, but it seems to happen a lot over here!  Janina actually lives in the Elder´s area.  We told them to go visit her several times because she had been coming to church but they never went to visit her! So now she comes to the house of the active family so we can teach her!   

Just as a side note - this active family´s last names is Jesus.  When their sons went on missions, they were Elder Jesus! Apparently, one of their sons had a lot of success on his mission and everyone told him it was because of his name!

Anyways Janina is awesome! She read the entire pamphlet we left her and had prayed and received an answer! All after one visit! She told us she wants to get baptized, so were going to work with her in these next few weeks! She has a little bit of a problem coming to church ... so we need to teach her about attending church this week! Hopefully, she can come next Sunday

Orlando´s divorce papers should be coming in today! So hopefully this weekend they can get married and Elsa can get baptized! Please keep them in your prayers!

This week our pensionista´s dog gave birth to a bunch of puppies! Whooo! but the funny thing is these dogs don't have hair! There's a certain type of Peruvian dog, I don't know if it has a name, but it's a dog without hair.  It's kinda ugly, but everyone in Peru loves these dogs.  So we got to hold little puppies without hair!  hahaha!  It was cute but also kinda gross at the same time. I'll send pictures!

With a new hairless Peruvian puppy

That's about it! 
More news to come next week!
Love you guys!!!
Hermana Gurney

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