Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 64

October 31, 2016

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!  So to celebrate Halloween... SURPRISE! I'm in Iquitos.  LONG  STORY but basically
remember how I said that Elder Godoy was coming to visit us?  He came last week and it was great! but apparently very last minute, he told President Li that he wanted to meet with all the sister leaders and zone leaders in Iquitos on Friday.  So the poor secretary ... very last minute... had to buy plane tickets and ...very last minute... I was informed I had to go to Iquitos. Due to everything being last minute, I've been here since Thursday night and I'm not going back until Tuesday night! ...which also means I missed Jhonny`s baptism :(((  But I'm dealing with it okay.  Hermana Laura said she took a picture and left a space for me to photoshop myself in hahaha. 

Jhonny's baptism!!

Fun fact- because the tickets were bought so last minute, we had to fly from Tarapoto to Lima, and then from Lima to Iquitos!  We had about an hour to spend in the Lima airport, so what did we do? BUY DUNKIN DONUTS!!! It's been over a year since I've eaten Dunkin Donuts and let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS!!!!

Reunited after a year!
So this week in Iquitos, I get to stay with and work with two hermanas... and one of them happens to be Hermana Gillingham!!!! Whhooo! It's been awesome! I finally get to hang out with her after so much time!
Happy Halloween!!

So let me tell you about Elder Godoy...  he is from Brazil, but he speaks Spanish AND English very well! And he is HILARIOUS!  He was the mission presidente in Brazil and his mission was also in the jungle... very much like here! He told us lots of funny stories about how thin and tan all his missionaries got after two years in the jungle! So hopefully when I get home you guys don't think I've gotten thinner and tanner!  He's a convert to the church.  He joined when he was 16 but went inactive.  One day he decided to go to EFY (I don't know why because he was inactive, but he went!)  He met a girl there that treated him like a normal person (according to him) and when he went home from EFY, he found out that the same girl was in his ward! He started going to church again, and even went to seminary so he could hang out with her...anyways, that girl is now his wife! How crazy! Anyways,  he talked to us a lot about our responsibility to find out the needs of the people we teach. We did an awesome practice about how to find out needs by using the baptismal interview questions, and it really works! My companion and I were going to use it with some people, but then then next day I went to Iquitos hahahaha ...but this week were going to do it! It's going to be great!  And, to make up for missing Jhonny`s baptism, Hermana Gillingham and her companion had baptism this at least I could pretend I was there! So yeah, its been a CRAZY week! 

We were able to see our old pensionista.
She came to the church when we were at the conference in Tarapoto!

Love you all!!
Hermana Gurney

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