Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 61

October 10, 2016

So this week was cool! I went back to Iquitos! and the best part is... Hermana Dickman and Hermana Fink from the CCM are also Hermana leaders! so I was able to see them!

The Amazon River ... out the airplane window!

With the Hermanas that transferred to Iquitos from Tarapoto or Moyobamba!

When I was in Iquitos, I stayed the night with two sisters serving there.
One was from Chile and had fun showing me her Chilean money!

Hermana Dickman is now Hermana leader in Tarapoto, so I get to travel to and from Iquitos with her, and if we ever fly in late, I spend the night with her before taking the car to Moyobamba! I'm stoked!

With Hermana Dickman again!!

With Sister Fink!!

I felt left out because I didn't wear my matching dress!!

Hermana Fink is also now the companion of Hermana Velazquez... my two old companions are now together!! Crazyyyyy!!

So yeah, Iquitos was a great experience. I actually saw someone that I had met when I was serving in Iquitos a year ago.  He told me I talk like a Peruvian now! I sure hope he was being honest! haha  I learned a lot about the importance of doing practices!  If we´re not practicing our teaching, we´re not improving, and we´re not really letting ourselves be guided by the Spirit.

Also this week was transfers! Nothing happened!  Hermana Laura and I are staying together! We´ve seen lots of miracles this week! One has to do with our investigator named Jhonny.  I don't think I've ever talked about him before, but I should have cause he´s so cool!  So he has a friend that is a member in Nueva Cajamarca, it's a little city about 45 minutes from Moyobamba.  She invited him to church here in Moyo and he came!  Since that day, he has come every week, except for a few Sundays when his work didn't let him come.  He came last week and we forgot to tell him it was conference and started at 11. 

We can't really teach him that often because during the week he is literally never in Moyobamba.  He works as a taxi driver (the cars I take when I travel to Tarapoto... he is one of the drivers) so we usually only teach him Sundays. But last week on Monday,  he called us and said he was in Moyo!  So we invited him to FHE with an active family and it was awesome!  On Wednesday, when I was in Iquitos, he called my companion and told her he had been praying and felt like he should get baptized! So now he's going to get baptized the 22 of October!  We were a little worried about his testimony, because he kind of felt that all the churches were true, so we fasted about it, and on Sunday he said that everything he learned in church answered all his doubts, and now he´s convinced that the church is true! Awesome!! We were even able to have a nice FHE with an active member who also is a driver for the taxi companies, and they've become really good friends! 

Now we´ve just got to keep praying for Jhonny! We´ve got to finish his lessons, so hopefully he's in Moyo this week a lot to keep teaching him!

That's pretty much it for this week... 
I hope you're all well!!!
Hermana Gurney

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