Monday, October 3, 2016

Week...60! Wow!

October 3, 2016

So this week in Moyobamba is.... THE WEEK OF THE ANTS!  

Yeah, you heard that right!  So the last week of September and the first week of October is ant week... meaning that usually it rains and thunders a lot and so a bunch of GIANT ants come out of their homes in the ground.  And you know what the people here do with all these ants?  They toast them and eat them!

So this week I had the pleasure of eating ant but I didn't eat it toasted.   Everyone tells me that's why I didn't like it, because it wasn't toasted.  So I guess I have to try some again this week!  hahahaha   Hermana Laura filmed me eating them, but the filmography is awful, and the computer doesn't let me send videos but I'll show it to you guys some other day.

About to eat ANTS!!

A pan of ants they were getting ready to toast!

Hermana Laura also tried ant but didn't like it and spit it out.  I actually swallowed it! You should all be so proud of me! hahaha

So this week was also GENERAL CONFERENCE ... WHOOOOOOOO!!  It was great.   Because I know you're all going to ask- Saturday I watched it all in Spanish and on Sunday all in English.  I loved everything! 

There was one part where they were thanking all the missionaries for all their hard work and dedication for the work, and honestly I felt so unworthy of that praise. I just felt so guilty, like I shouldn't even be a missionary because I'm definitely not the missionary they were describing.  So I decided to pray and ask God if he was happy with my work as a missionary, and if he wasn't then to let me know what I needed to do to not feel so guilty.    This big shiver (not sure how to describe it) came over me and I felt like someone was hugging me tight.   I felt He was telling me He was happy with my work. So that was my favorite part of conference!  :)

I also really liked how much emphasis was put on repentance, because that's something we always need to work on! 

P-day walk to the Rio Mayo River!

Orland and Elsa came to conference all day Sunday! They're so cool!!! We got news that their divorce papers are coming the end of October, the 28th I think.   So the end of this month they should be getting married and then getting baptized!!

Esmerita and Juan Carlos are back from their trip, and are still awesome, but they didn't come to church! After promising they would! We´re going to try to visit them today to see how they're doing. 

Welcome to Moyobamba sign!

This is called a chicharra!  It comes out this time of year and makes
screaming noises ... it is driving us insane!

That's basically all!
Talk to you guys soon!!!
Hermana Gurney

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