Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 59

September 26, 2016

HOLA everyone! Happy almost October! This week is general conference, who´s stoked??? I AM!!

So this past weekend we got to watch the Women´s General Conference! Right before,  we went to visit Orlando and Elsa so we could bring Else with us to the conference.  I guess we underestimated the time because we got to the conference late!  It all worked out because apparently no one had brought keys to open the chapel so we could watch conference!  We had to wait for about 20 minutes for someone from the presidency of the district to go for the keys and bring them back to the chapel!  So we only got to watch the last 45 minutes. We were kinda sad, but I'm going to print the other talks today to read them this week.  I really liked Presidente Uchtdorf´s talk about faith, how sometimes our prayers aren´t answered, but that's not because we lack faith!  It just means it´s not in God´s plan!

Lots of people ride these around Peru and sell ice cream.  

Esmerita and Juan Carlos accepted marriage! They decided to start planning it out! The only problem is they went on vacation for a week and didn't come to church yesterday, and we wont be able to visit them until Friday night, but they took their Book of Mormon and I hope they keep reading!

This week in Moyobamba it was basically another flood cause it rained EVERY DAY! and of course we have the bad luck that when we go out to proselyte without umbrellas, it rains, but when we bring umbrellas, it doesn't rain! Friday night we got SOAKED and worst of all.. all of our appointments fell through! We went to stand under a roof of someone's home to pray to know where to go.  When we finished,  we decided to knock on the door of the house where we were standing.  So we did and they let us in! We were able to dry off a lot!   The family that accepted us  in is a single mom named Rosa who has three kids and about a year ago went to our church a few times with a friend! The sisters from a year ago were visiting her and she was excited to start listening to us again! She told us to come back everyday!

It started raining really hard one day and water started coming in under the door.
We ran out of towels so we grabbed what we could ... even baptismal clothing.  

Susi is going to move to a little town that's really far away so there isn't the church out there, so we wont be able to keep visiting her :(   She said she'll take her Book of Mormon and read it! We´re really sad she´s leaving, but I know that one day in the future she will find the church again and join it!

So that was my week! Love you all!!
Happy October!
Hermana Gurney

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