Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 56

September 5, 2016

Wow! We´re in September! Time keeps going by faster and faster I swear!

This week was great.  What even happened?

I finally saw a llama! There are not really llamas in the jungle, but apparently there is one in Moyobamba, and it's in my area!  Keauna told me to kiss a llama for her, so I blew it a kiss because if I got too close it tried to spit on me. I'll send pictures! hahaha

Also my pensionista gave us duck for lunch the otherday.  It was pretty gross.  Hermana Laura didn't want to eat it either.   When we walked up to our pensionista´s house to eat lunch,  there were puddles of water everywhere and some of them were red.  We asked  "what happened?" ...  we thought it was just rust or something.  It turns out it was the duck we ate!  Oh, Peru! 

With my companion, Hermana Laura!

We have an awesome member named Maria Cachay that literally has accompanied us three times this week to like five of her referrals.  She is older but walks faster than we do! I don't know how she does it! I think she likes hanging out with us cause she lives alone and I wonder if she feels a little lonely at times... but anyways two of her referrals have turned out to be super awesome! They are Diana and Susi who are sisters and live alone. Diana is a single mom of a four year old girl and Susi is 19. They are so cool! They say they're looking for a church cause they want to follow Christ. Susi came with us to a baptism on Saturday and she really liked it! They didn't come to church though cause they were working :(   We´re going to have to teach them about the sabbath day this week! But they have so many questions for us, and they understand everything, it's a nice refresher! We´re stoke to start working with them this week.

I do have a favor of all of you- if you could pray for Orlando and Elsa, that would be great! They were supposed to get married a few weeks ago, but Orlando´s divorcement act didn't come on time, and it's not supposed to come until November! Elsa really wants to get baptized, but she can't until they get married! They're still super excited, they're reading their Book of Mormon and going to church, but if you guys could pray so that his divorcement act comes soon, I know that would really help! 

Today we are going to go play paintball as a zone, so I'm sure i'll have super cool pictures next week! Just wait! 

Hope you guys have a fantastic week!!

Hermana Gurney

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