Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 55

August 29, 2016

As you all probably guessed ... yes, I had transfers.  It was actually a really hard goodbye.  I cried a ton when I had to say goodbye to Hermana Velazquez but I know she´s doing super well back in Tarapoto!

I was transferred to.... MOYOBAMBA!!!

Welcome to Moyobama!!

It's a two hour drive from tarapoto. So this time transfers weren´t in an airplane! Moyobamba is a lot cooler than Tarapoto (like temperature wise).  When I arrived here, everyone told me about how I was going to freeze! We´re still in the jungle though ... so it's still hot! Hahahaha!

My new companion is Hermana Laura.   She´s from Bolivia and has 14 months on the mission! ahhh! It's a possibility that I will be with her when she goes home! She´s really awesome and has such a sweet heart.  She has so much love for the people of Moyobamba! I´m so excited to learn a lot from her this change!

The craziest part of changes is that I was called as the Hermana Lider Capacitadora, which is basically the sister version of a zone leader. I have to go to all these extra meetings, go on splits with the other Hermanas to help them with their teaching, and a bunch of other stuff! I'm kinda stressed because I have no idea what I'm doing! hahaha  My companion isn't a hermana lider either, so I'm just on my own! It's okay, I'm learning! 

Another really cool part is that Hermana Inca is in Moyobamba as well!  It is great to see her again and now i´ll probably be with her when she goes home in November! It's crazy how fast time goes by!

The area I'm serving in, Moyobamba 2, is the old area of Hermana Tituaña, my trainer! This was her first area and now I'm meeting all the people she told me about!

Anyways, Moyobamba is treating me well! I do miss tons the people of Tarapoto.  I just emailed Hermana Velazquez and asked for an update on everyone back there! I'll let you know.

One fun thing we did this week was help a family make ice cream! We scooped up the ice cream in balls, but them on a cone, dipped them in chocolate, and then wrapped them up to sell! It was a super cool service! At the end, they gave us free ice cream too :)  I'll send pictures! 

Making ice cream cones with my new companion Sister Laura!

Saw this truck on the way to Moyobamba ... it says "Christ is coming soon ... prepare yourself."

Love you tons!!
Hermana Gurney

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