Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 51

August 1, 2016

This week was a week of miracles... literally!!

One day, all our appointments had fallen though and we had no plans for the next hour and a half. So we decided to go knocking on doors. So we knocked every single door on this one street and no one wanted anything! We were a little disappointment so we decided to pray to ask where to go. We were standing outside Anita (the older but really active lady)´s house and we prayed. When we finished, we still couldn't think of a good place to go ...  when Anita´s grandson and his family showed up! We had never met them before so we presented ourselves and they let us share a message with them! Well, the grandson did, ... his wife went inside to do something and came out right when we finished teaching him.  Anyways it was a really cool moment to see how God had guided us ... to stay right where we were!!

Our Zone with our new Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Li

The Sisters with Sister Li

We started teaching a girl named Charito.  She moved to Tarapoto a few months ago to start working as a nanny for a less active´s family and to study.  She´s really cute and went once to church with the woman she works for!  She received an answer this week and said she feels like the church is true! She´s been reading her Book of Mormon and we´re super blessed to have met her.  She couldn't come to church this past Sunday.  We don't really know why though... we´re going to visit her tomorrow to see what happened!

Veronica and Segundo are these super cool less actives that have started coming to church. They have a strong testimony.   They just don't go to church sometimes because Segundo doesn't get out of work Saturday night until like 6 or 7 in the morning.  He says he doesn't want to go to church if he's just going to be sleeping the whole time. But they're progressing!  Segundo had told us that he wanted us to teach his mom, but she lives really far away.... like halfway up the mountain, and doesn't have an address. So Friday morning we decided to go looking, and legit right when we decided to start walking up, Veronica and Segundo show up in their Motokar... and they happened to be going to his mom´s house! So he took us up in his motokar and we were able to find her house! It was a great blessing.

FHE with Mercedes and her daughters ... it is a little blurry but it's all I got!!

Our zone leaders asked us to all fast and pray so that every companionship in our zone could find a family to teach that has desires to progress in the gospel. So we did ... and it was so great!  The day we fasted, we met so many new people with so many desires to know the truth! We especially met this awesome family- Charles and Jani. Jani came to church yesterday! She got there late because she had entered into a different church, and they had told her that the church she was looking for was a little bit further away, so she came walking with her two year old son and 10 year old niece and came into church right after the sacrament! It was a miracle that she made it! We found them Saturday morning... when we went looking for a contact. We didn't have any plans and so we started looking for some contacts and references, and because of that we found them! Charles is also excited to come to church. he couldn't come yesterday because he had some other commitment but has promised to come with his wife next Sunday! It's going to be great! They have lots of problems as a couple but I know the gospel is going to help them so much!
That was my awesome week! 

Fun fact... the 28th was Independence Day of Peru


They all went on vacation this weekend and ate lots of juanes again (but not as much as on San Juan) and the new president spoke too!
Have a great week!
Hermana Gurney

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