Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 53

August 15, 2016

This week was crazy! So much happened! Ahhh!

This week our zone leaders once again helped us out so much. They talked to us about exact obedience. They said that sometimes we come to a level of obedience and become complacent (is that the word??) at that level, and sometimes forget that we can always be more obedient.  It totally hit me because I had become comfortable in my level of obedience.  I wasn't being disobedient, but there were always a few little things I kind of ignored. So the zone leaders asked to us to start reading the Missionary Handbook with real intent, meaning that we would look for little rules we weren´t living and change them! It really works!  Hna Velazquez and I have been working really hard to be more exactly obedient to show more of our love for Heavenly Father.  It's been awesome! We feel better about our work, and we´re just generally happier! It's great!

A sister from Lima gave us a bag of clothes.  It had these turtle necks in the bag.
We put them on at 1:00 PM ... IT WAS HOT!!

We helped a sister in the ward named Luzdina with her family history this week. It was such a cool experience. We had asked her about her family history and she always said she didn't have any names, that she had to ask her family, and she didn't know when she would see her family.  It was always kind of a "I'll do it someday" kind of attitude. So the other week we decided to teach it a little better. We were studying for her in the morning and felt that we should share a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that talks about how we can't be saved without our ancestors and them without us. I don't know what changed but I guess that scripture really changed something in her, because the next visit we had, she had found six of her ancestors' names!! So we took her to the Branch President´s house to set up her account online and it worked out great! We are going to print out two names for her to take with her to the temple in September and send the other four names to the temple! As we did it, I just felt so good inside! We are super grateful for Luzdina and her desire to help in this work! 
Charles and Jany came to church again! They are super cool! Jany said she received an answer and feels the church is true.  She says when she goes to church she feels peaceful, and doesn't want to lose that feeling ever, so she's going to go every week! It's awesome! Charles is still searching for an answer. This week were going to visit them with the Relief Society President and her family to teach them about why it's so important to have a family and get married.. hopefully we can help them solve some of their problems!

Veronica and Segundo were up Saturday night with their sick two year old... but they still came to church on Sunday! How cool are they?? We took a picture! :)

Veronica, Segundo, and their two kids!

So yeah, that was pretty much my week! 

Hope you're all doing great back home!!

Hermana Gurney

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