Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 52

August 8, 2016

This has been a great week! So much has happened! Lets see if I can get it all in...

First off, I lost my agenda. It was a very sad day. I think it fell out of the motokar when we were going home one night. For exercise the next day, we retraced our steps looking for it, but we didn't find it... four weeks into the change and I lost my agenda!  The good thing is my companion still has her agenda so we didn't loose any valuable information!

A cute monkey we met.  He was scared of us though so we couldn't hold him.

A giant staircase we had to walk up ... you can't really tell by the picture though! 

But the week just gets better from there, don't worry! hahaha

Charito came to church! She could only stay for one hour cause the family she works for made her go to their son´s school activity. :(  We are trying to teach her about the importance of all three hours of church! If anyone has any advice about how staying three hours at church has blessed them, that would be greatly appreciated! Charito is still reading her Book of Mormon though and wants to get baptized, but we just need to work on her testimony about going to church!

Veronica and Segundo came to church yesterday! We got to visit them with some old friends from when they were teenagers who are active in our branch and it really helped them out! We had a nice lesson about the restoration and they committed to come to church and told us to visit their neighbors! Not only that, but Segundo´s younger siblings ....that live with his mom came to church... all because Segundo took us up there in his motokar that one day! If he hadn´t have done that.. we would have never found his mom´s house! They´re such a cute family! They have a four year old son named Evans (they named him after an Elder Evans that served here a while ago).  He loves going to church and just sits there without making any noise! He´s the best!

Charles and Jany came to church this Sunday too! They got there on time and stayed all three hours! (a miracle!) They seemed to really like it! They really liked the teacher of the Gospel Principles class. We got to visit them this past week with a woman in our ward and they talked forever about how obedience is essential to having a successful life. They loved it! They haven´t received an answer if the church is true yet, but were are so grateful to see their progress towards receiving one! Pray that they will receive an answer!

Erika (the niece of Felipe and Sara) keeps coming to church! ... but her family does not want to progress! They don't read or have any desire to go to church. We´re a little stumped about what to do because Erika wants to get baptized but we want her to have a strong family to support her in her conversion! We going to work really hard on finding a good friend for Erika in the church!

District meeting!

So that's it... in terms of funny stories... we came across a natural well that they call the "eye of water" and apparently it has some myth or legend that scared the Relief Society President... but no one will tell us what it is! We´re going to try to find out this week!

Love you and miss you tons! Happy first week of August!
Hermana Gurney

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