Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 54

August 22, 2016

It has been a great week! It went by super fast!

I thought I´d start out by sharing a really cool experience we had with our recent convert Raiza. When she first decided to get baptized, she had a lot of opposition! Her grandparents were worried that her mom was forcing her into getting baptized and tried to talk Raiza out of it! Her grandparents have always been Catholic and didn't like the idea of their granddaughter joining the church. Vanessa (Raiza´s mom) had tried and tried to invite her parents to church, but they had no interest! Anyways, Raiza decided that she still wanted to get baptized and she invited her grandparents to attend. They came! It was quite a surprise! And they came with Raiza to church the next day, when she recieved the Holy Ghost. I guess that changed something in her grandparents! Because the next week, her grandma was at Raiza´s house when we showed up to visit them.  We were able to talk to her for some time.  She has now even accepted visits from missionaries over where she lives! We visited Raiza yesterday and she told us her grandma has been going to church every Sunday in her branch and that she wants to get baptized! We asked the hermanas that are teaching Raiza´s grandma and they told us that she keeps saying "Raiza teaches me, Raiza teaches me".  We were so proud that Raiza was able to be so strong and share the gospel with her grandma through her example! We´re excited to see how much more her grandparents progress!

We went back to the castle in Lamas!

Our District Leader "dies" or goes home today.  We bought a cake and put a RIP sign on it for our last
district meeting together!

This week we also had the privilege to help two kids get baptized for a second time... hahahaha!   So basically they were baptized when they turned eight but we´re not sure what happened ... because their records are lost! They weren't registered in the church system.  We looked for dates and stuff to recreate the records, but it didn't work out! So the Branch President asked us to teach them and baptize them again! So that's what happened last Saturday! Their names are Bruno and David and they are super cute! I'll send pictures. When they shared their testimony at the baptism, they both talked about how good they felt being baptized a second time!  Such good sports!

This Sunday it rained all morning, so naturally no one came to church! haha. Charles and Jany started praying and reading together but they never made it to church on Sunday :( We´re going to visit them tonight and hopefully help them understand the importance of going to  church... even when it rains!

Veronica and Segundo weren´t able to make it either.. we went to visit them yesterday to see how they´re doing, but they weren´t home! We´re going to try to pass by tomorrow so we can find out what happened!
But even though they didn't come to church, they are still progressing tons! We are so blessed to be able to work with these two families and I pray that they will find more joy in the gospel!

Week old puppies!!  So cute!

I love you all tons! Have a great week!!
Hermana Gurney

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