Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 50!

July 25, 2016

So this week was great, we finally met President Li!!  and... he´s shorter than President Gomez! hahahahaha
It's funny because one of the assistants is like six feet!  They´re super awesome! They told us their conversion story and it's super crazy!

Sister Li crew up Catholic and read the Bible a lot.  She always felt confused because the bible talks about prophets and apostles!  She asked her pastors but they never gave her a good reason. She also asked them why they baptize babies... if Jesus gave the perfect example and was baptized as an adult, why do they baptize babies?  She said for a while she went to church with her husband just out of habit, but she never really enjoyed it. One day they just decided to stop going to church. For about six more months, she still had those same doubts about prophets and apostles. Lots of missionaries from other churches showed up at her door and the first thing she asked them was if they had apostles and prophets. Each one said no, so she closed the door in their face! 

Then one day two sister missionaries showed up and asked for "Maritza".   Hermana Li´s first name is Marizta and got excited, but they were looking for a different Martiza.  As the sister were walking away, Hermana Li called them back and asked them what church they're from... they said the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She asked them if they have apostles and prophets, they said, "yes!" She asked them if they baptize babies ...  they said "No".  She told them to come in! She then called her husband and told him to hurry home from work to listen to the missionaries! hahaha He got work off early that day to listen to them!

The best part- President Li´s work wouldn't let him take anymore days off early, and would get home from work at 10 pm! The missionaries received special permission from their mission president to teach them at 10pm! Crazy, no! Anyways, they were baptized! What an awesome story! 

They are a very sweet couple and we´re excited to get to know them more!

I have been here so long ... I am running out of places to take pictures! 
Besides meeting President and Sister Li, nothing else really new happened this week! We taught a lot, we walked a lot, and we sweated a lot! but it was awesome!

Happy Pioneer Day!! I'm so grateful to have pioneer ancestors who were strong and accepted this gospel so that I could have the chance to live it!

Love you tons! Talk to you next week!
Hermana Gurney

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