Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week 48

July 11, 2016

So this week was the last week of the transfer! Tonight we might get a call and I might go somewhere else! Who knows!!

A cool river we came across the other day!

So this week was super busy! Our leaders went to Iquitos for leadership council and came back with a bunch of new ideas of how to help us be more efficient! They changed the way to count contacts, so now it only counts as a contact if we get their address and we intend to visit them! People who don't want any additional contact ...  don't count! It's super good ... because now these numbers are really going to reflect the number of people we are finding that want to know more about the gospel, instead of just people we talk to! We are super excited to be better about our contacts!
With Rafaela ... one of the first people baptized in Tarapoto!

This week we went to visit a couple older women in our ward.  They walk to church every Sunday, even though they're like 80 years old! They are the cutest! They both prayed for God to take them away in our lessons, and then thanked us a lot for the visit!  When we gave them a picture of Jesus,  they both kissed the picture!  They talked about how much they want their families to come to church with them and how it makes them sad that they don't.   It was sad to see them sad!  I'm glad we were able to help them feel better! We took pictures with them so I'll send those! 

With Anita!!

Remember that guy Piere who got his mission call a while ago to Colombia? He leaves today!! I remember when he got his call, I thought,  "Where will I be when he leaves?" and here I am, still in Tarapoto!  We went to his house yesterday for the last time and it was actually kinda sad! It made me think back to when I left on my mission! He is super excited and I'm sure he will be a great missionary.  

Saying goodbye to Piere!
Erika came to church again!  We went to visit her the other day and she was doing her Personal Progress (a program for the young women in our church) ... how awesome! She's not even a member and she's doing it! haha Her parents still haven't come to church but I have the faith they'll come next week! We´re going to bring President and his family to visit them and we feel that will be a great strength for them! 
Happy Fourth of July!

Holding a baby parrot!

So yeah, that was my week! It was great!Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Love you all!!
Hermana Gurney

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