Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week Something

July 18, 2016


and... I'm still in Tarapoto with Hna Velazquez! Crazy right? We still don't believe it either. Looks like the new President just forgot about us! hahahahaha   It's really unheard of for two people to be together four changes, but here we are!

It also means I will have spent half my mission in Tarapoto!     

So what even happened this week?
First ...  Mercedes- have I even talked about her?  She's awesome!   She lives super far away and has been less active for sometime but has recently started coming to church.   She now has a calling and we´re super happy to see her progress! She came to church yesterday without a reminder call from us! We were so proud of her! She's been reading her scriptures for the past few weeks too!   She gave us her new Book of Mormon so we could write her a note inside! It felt weird writing in someones scriptures, but thats what she wanted!

With Mercedes and her children!
I finally took a picture with Estrella- whose name means star in English ... and let me tell you ... she is a star!  She is our pensionist´s niece and is around four years old.  She just does whatever she wants! It's hilarious. She comes over by herself every morning to buy gum and candy from our pensionista´s store for breakfast.  We always just see her playing shoeless in the street with her mom nowhere insight.  We kinda worry about her but she always gives us hugs when she sees us so I took a picture with her.

with Estrella
We met a cool new couple this week named Geiner and Isabel.  Their kids are friends with a less active we taught and the kids told us to visit their parents, so we did!  This couple is awesome! They want to change their lives and are looking for a church.  They promised they would come yesterday but then some family member got sick so they went to see her instead!  We´re going to help them out this week so they can come to church next week! 

So... things are going cool down here! I don't have many pictures, sorry! I'll try to take more this week!
Love you all!
Hermana Gurney

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