Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 57

September 12, 2016

So this week was pretty great!  I went to Iquitos! 

We had a leadership council this week so the zone leaders and I got in a car and went all the way to Tarapoto, where I met up with the sister leaders in Tarapoto and we all flew to Iquitos.  We were there for three days! It was a crazy experience... it went by so fast! 

We talked a lot about how to help the mission progress and we came to the conclusion that the missionaries lack more spirituality. We all kind of go through the actions, but we aren't really growing spiritually, we`re not growing in our conversion. One of the assistants had the idea of setting one day apart as a day where we would try to always have the Spirit with us. We couldn't do anything that would make the Spirit separate from us. We felt it would help the missionaries realize what things they are doing wrong and what things they could do better to be more obedient and spiritual. It was awesome! I did it yesterday and it really opened my eyes...  I woke up and went to my desk to write in my journal really fast and I realized my desk was a mess! So I decided I had to clean it up in order to have the Spirit with me. So iIdid. But while I was cleaning up, I realized that my dresser and bedroom were also a mess! So I practically spent the whole morning just cleaning up.  I felt super good afterwards, there was definitely a difference in the Spirit! 

Then throughout the day I realized how much I was talking about things like going home or what I did before, and I thought that that probably wasn`t the best topic.  It was better to talk about the people we are teaching and how to help them, so I would try to change the topic, and it worked! I really felt so much more of the Spirit throughout the day. 

I especially felt it's influence when I was contacting. Recently Ive been feeling like my contacts were getting a little bit more and more of a routine, and I didn't like it, but I didn't really know what to do different! Yesterday I was able to contact this one woman so much more naturally and more focused on her. I'm not really sure how I did it, but I know it was the Spirit!

So now I have set a few goals of things I should change in order to always have the Spirit with me!

In terms of funny stories this week...
I got to hold a turtle!! The owners were talking about killing it and feeding it to us, but they were just joking, so don't worry, the turtle is still alive.

When we came back from Iquitos on Thursday, we got to Tarapoto at like 7:30 and by then it was too late to take a car to Moyobamba, so I spend the night with the sister leaders of Tarapoto... who happen to be serving in Partido Alto, my old old area! I got to sleep in my old house and eat dinner with my old pensionista! It was super fun! I don't have pictures though... I forgot to take some! 

Remember Diana and Susi? Well Susi is progressing super well! She can't come to church because Diana makes her work on Sundays and they don't want to close on Sundays. But Susi has been reading and praying and really wants to come to church! We're going to pray that her sister lets her go this Sunday!

Orlando and Elsa are doing super well! They're just waiting for someone to call them to tell them his divorce papers went though and then everything will be ready for their marriage! It's great! They are such a cute family.  

Everything is going well out here in Moyo!
Here's to a great week!
Hermana Gurney

(We asked her if she felt the earthquake that they reported on the news.  It registered as 6.1 magnitude and hit about 30 miles from Moyobamba  ... here is her response)  

Yes, I felt the earthquake!  It was funny because I woke up in the middle of the night and the ground was shaking and I was like wow! earthquake!! but then it kept going! and I started to worry, like should we leave the apartment? what should we do? and then it stopped.  So Hna Laura and I looked out the window and no one was outside so we decided to go back to sleep and if there was another, we would leave.

The funniest part is that the only thing I could think about was how my emergency kit wasn't complete... I had eaten all the emergency food in the kit and I was worried that I would starve to death because I wasn't better prepared! hahaha So today I'm going to go buy more emergency food!!

(Sadly the computer she was using would recognize her camera! So no pictures this week!!)

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