Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 35! Whooo!!!

April 11, 2016

So this week was Peruvian elections!  That means that everything closes on Sunday and everyone has to go vote in the morning. It's illegal to have meetings or anything that could prevent people from voting.  There's also a fine here, so if you don't vote you have to pay 80 soles. To make it worse, if you're from Lima but living in Tarapoto ... you have to go to Lima to vote. So lots of people went travelling this weekend so they could go vote. Some people decided it was cheaper to just pay the fine and stayed home though. So all this means that there was no church yesterday! It was super weird not having church... especially when we invited people to come.  We were like "every Sunday at 9!" and then were like wait, this week there won't be church! hahaha!

They also announced this week that the elections were a tie??, so everyone has to go vote AGAIN in June. So in June there will be another Sunday full of travel and no church! 

Do you remember Piere Jeffembert Hilderbrandt Melendez? I think I wrote about him cause he's hilarious and his name is awesome.  Anyways, this week he got his mission call! He's going to Colombia Bogota North, and leaves in July! It was super funny cause we went to go visit him and his family.  When we showed up, his mission call had just come and all his friends were over.  So he opened it with us there! It was cool.. we took a picture! 

We met this sweet older woman named Esperanza de Jesus Luna ... which literally means Hope of Jesus Moon.  She is the sweetest! She doesn't really understand much... we asked her if she had any questions about Joseph Smith and she asked "So are we all going to resurrect when we die?" and there was a few other random questions.  But she really is the cutest. She promised to come with us to church next week and wants us to keep visiting her.  We don't really know if she in interested just for our company or because she really wants to get to know the church.

This week we have a baptism!!! Remember those cute little girls I took a picture with last week? The 9 year old, Raiza, is going to get baptized. No one in her family is a member.  Her mom really wants to get baptized and can't because she is not married.  We really think that if her husband comes to Raiza's baptism, it will soften his heart. We´re super stoked. 

Also this sweet less active Luzdina told us that since we started visiting her it helped her realize the importance of going to church before everything. She used to travel to her farm on the weekends to make sure things are going well, but now she says she'll never go to her farm on Sundays because her first commitment is God. It made us super happy to hear that she wants to make these changes!

So yeah, that's my week, hope everything is going super de-duper at home!!
Hermana Gurney

(No pictures this week ... the computer wouldn't recognize her camera)

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