Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 37

April 25, 2016

Wow April is already coming to an end, and I feel like it just started yesterday!! Where did the time go??

So this week was super UNEVENTFUL ... literally no one in the zone had transfers except for two missionaries. So I am still here in Tarapoto, getting to almost 6 months in this lovely part of Peru and I am still with the lovely Hermana Velazquez. Sorry if anyone was looking forward to any crazy changes.

Still with the lovely Hermana Velazquez!  The selfie is with Ariana, a member of our ward and super cute!

So this week we learned something about our pensionista´s daughter... apparently she and another member, Elena, went to get their future reads.  The fortune teller told Elena all these nice, happy things about her future life, but told Angely (our pensionista´s daughter) that she had a very sad future.    Apparently that scared Angely enough that she started coming to church EVERY WEEK, without lacking a day! HA!

Our twelve year old investigator, Raul, constantly saves the day! He lives on this street where literally everyone is a member or an investigator.   There's no inbetween. There are two recent children converts that have stopped coming to church.  Raul has taken the initiative (without our suggestion) to go and make sure these two converts are awake so that they can start getting ready for church. THEN, he goes and passes by one of the families we´re teaching and brings their kids to church.  (We are trying to work with their grandma Meli (who is raising them) so that she with come to church WITH her grandkids.)  So Raul brings his little sister and these two kids to church. The best part is they get there EARLY too.  Our most faithful investigators are four children!  We took a picture with them this week.

Our four faithful children!!  The two boys on the left are Jhol and Alex, the grandchildren of our investigator.  The girl in the middle is Raul's sister.  The boy with the Book of Mormon is Raul!  The other little girl in pink is the YW's President's daughter.  

The best news of the week is our new investigator we found- Lizbeth. SHE IS SO COOL!!! She's actually the sister of one of my investigators back in Partido Alto! Fun little connections. She is looking for peace in her home and we know that the gospel is going to help her. She originally told us that she works on Sunday mornings, selling food in the market because that's the day that you gain the most money.  After we taught her a little bit about putting God first and the Sabbath, she decided to go to the market on Saturday and came to church with us yesterday!!! She did get there late but we were SO happy to see her!!!! She came with her 7 year old boy who just sat quietly throughout the entire meeting! She also told us she has never been baptized and wants to find a church for her and her sons to get baptized in!!! We´re going to go visit her today and were going to talk to her about maybe a date for baptism...  I know she´s going to be so willing to make changes in her life!!!!

So yeah, that's my week, hope everything is SUPER DE DUPER at home, talk to you all in MAY!

Hermana Gurney

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