Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 10 ... finally in the double digits

Buenas Dias!

Sadly, I got sick this week.  I had a fever Monday night that lasted all the way till Wednesday morning.   I had to go to the clinic to make sure it wasn't dengue fever. It wasn't so no worries!  I only had some viral infection, and I'm feeling way better now.  Anyways they had to take blood and give me a shot... Hermana Jimenez (my sister training leader who came with me to the clinic) said the shot they gave me was about two inches long...I didn't look because I knew if I did I would faint.  I´m way better now, no worries, it was just really hard not being able to hardly do anything at the beginning of the week.

Okay on to lighter topics

Here are some funny things I have neglected to mention in past emails:

Everyone here wears shirts with English on it, and I just barely started reading their shirts the other day.   It has proven to be one of the funniest experiences of my life.  One thirty year old mom with two kids was wearing a shirt that said "I love bad girls" and another mom was wearing a shirt to church with about five swear words on it.  It was so funny. I tried explaining it to Hna Tituaña, but apparently I didn't do a good job cause she didn´t find it nearly as funny i did. 

Also the dogs here... there's no animal control so there are dogs everywhere. It's really heart breaking actually cause most of them are starving to death or dead or wandering around with no purpose. Hna Tituaña is like deathly afraid of dogs. She won't go anywhere near them...which is pretty difficult to do considering the amount of dogs here.  So like the first week I thought dogs in Peru were rabid and would chase you down because my companion would avoid them at all costs.  It wasn't until recently that I realized the dogs are too tired to even move, let alone chase you down.  Now I have to lead the way past the dogs otherwise Hna Tituaña wont move.
On to missionary work- the family I told you about last week, the family of gold? They all came to a baptism on Saturday and then to church on Sunday! One of their daughters says she wants to get baptized, but the whole family is waiting for all of them to get an answer and then they´ll all get baptized.  We also need to wait for them to get married, so our goal is to have them married by the beginning of November.  Wish us luck!  This family is fantastic.

We have a few other investigators but none of them are really progressing and its hard.  They always want us to come share a message about Jesus Christ, but then they don`t ever do anything else about it.  That has been the biggest struggle here I think.  I'm actually pretty lucky to be in the area that I am because everyone is so accepting of the gospel.

Anyways I love you all tons and I miss you tons! keep being awesome! Sorry if I can't respond to all your emails but I appreciate all of them!
Hermana Gurney

On p-day, we climbed a tower ... you can see the jungle, homes, and part of the airport.
It was pretty sweet!

The Jungle!

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