Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week Ocho and I Know Poco

Hahaha, well this week I was reminded constantly that I am in fact living in the jungle.  

First off, on Wednesday we had this giant thunderstorm where like the entire city lost power.  The only light we had was my tiny little flashlight and our cell phone.  We also relied heavily on the light from the lightning, when we could actually see where we were walking.  We taught two lessons only having the light of a candle in their house. Since everyone's roof here is just a giant piece of metal, I couldn´t hear anything because the rain pounding on the roof was so loud.  When we would have to walk from house to house in the mud (cause all the streets here are dirt and sand), we were slipping and falling everywhere ... it was a disaster.  Luckily the power came back on after about two hours, so we could finish off the day with light.  Hahaha that was one of those nights that I just had to laugh myself to sleep because what even is my life right now? But you want to hear the best part of this whole story? The locals kept telling us that this was pretty light compared to normal. So be prepared for a lot more thunderstorm horror stories out here in the jungle.

Me during the giant storm.  Please forgive me for looking horrible, that's kind of a
side effect of living in the jungle.

The power went out one night and we had to use this little candle for our light... fun!

Another lovely reminder that I live in the jungle this week was the two cockaroaches (how do you even spell that? cucaracha in espanol hahaha) I found crawling in my closet the other day.  And also the cockaroach that crawled onto my foot during a lesson.  It took all my will power not to scream. 

Anyways, but let's talk about actual missionary work... we don´t really have any investigators right now, so there LOTS of contacting.  But the people here are super nice, we´ll be like "hey we have a message about Jesus Christ, can we share it?" and then they will let us in and listen to our message. I just keep thinking how easy missionary life is down here, hahaha we find new people to teach every day.  Also one of the investigators from the Elders who were in this area before us has a baptismal date for this Saturday! We don´t know if she came to church yesterday, but if she did then she´ll be getting baptized this week! We´re also working a lot with the Fasabi Family, who are recent converts and have three 12 or 13ish year old boys.  They are kind of obsessed with me.  They think its hilarious that I don´t understand them and that I can´t say anything.  We went and weeded in their backyard on Wednesday, and one of the boys came over and held an umbrella over me while I worked so I wouldn´t get so hot.  At church they always come up and sit by me and try talking to me but I obviously never really know what they're saying and they just laugh. It´s pretty cute though.

As for the food down here, I´m pretty lucky, my pensionista is amazing.  She always asks me what I like and don´t like so she knows what to cook for the next week. So far there hasn't been anything that I absolutely hate, but there have been a few things I didn´t necessarily like.  But she makes the most delicious juices, so when I don´t like something I just drink lots of juice with it, and then I don´t taste it.  But yeah my meals are mostly hamburgers or fish and rice.
Oh and general conference this week! So I only got to listen to one session in English, which was kind of a bummer, because I didn´t really know what anyone was saying. But wow three new apostles! Not gonna lie, I think my favorite is Ronald Rasband just cause his name is so cool. I was hoping one of the new apostles would be from Peru, but I guess they're saving the best people for other things.  ;)   Anyways, even though I didn´t really understand, I still loved conference, I really needed the pick me up.  I don´t know if you remember, but Hugo Montoya, of the seventy, talked about the influence of a smile, and I don´t know that really hit me, because even though I can´t influence anyone here with my words, I can still smile, and for right now that´s enough

The view of the jungle!

Anyways, so much stuff to write but so little time!

I love you all! Sorry if I don´t respond to all your emails, but just know that I read them every week and they make me super happy! I wish I could respond more! 

okay CIAO
Hermana Gurney

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