Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 15

November 23, 2015

So this week was kind of rough...

Remember our family of gold? Well they told us they don't  want to keep meeting with us anymore.. we´re not exactly sure why.  We think it might be because there were so many problems with getting their marriage papers.  They blamed us for that because we told them they could be married the beginning of November and now its almost December and their papers still haven't arrived. (Funny coincidence, the papers arrived the day after they told us this.)  Also apparently some guy came to their house and told them lots of bad things about the church.  We talked to the Bishop about this and he told us there's an excommunicated member who goes around telling people lies about the church.  We don't know if it was him or not, and if it was him, we don't know how he even found this family, but yeah needless to say they told us they don't want to keep talking to us.  Were going to try to go back one time this week and bring their marriage papers and remind them of the blessings they are walking away from, but we don´t know if this will even help much.  

It was kind of hard on us, but in another way I think it was actually good.  It brought me and Hermana Tituaña closer together and so now we can work harder and in more unity.

Us with Alis (in the pink shirt).  She is 14 and the sweetest girl ever!  She is going through some rough times but she started coming to church with us and reading her scriptures.  We are so proud of her!  Carol is hugging Sister Tituna.  

Us with Carol ... she is a young woman in our ward.  Teddy is the blurry face ... he kept trying to mess up our photo.
Funny ... I don't even know the little girl!

On a brighter note, we ran into missionaries for the Adventist church (I think that's what its called in English...) Anyways it was hilarious ... they just walk down the street singing about how they have the truth and Christ is coming and what not, and then they have little kids run in front of them handing out papers advertising the church... they even handed us some.  I just thought, wow there is a huge difference between their missionary work and our missionary work... we have more power and success because I know we have actually been directed by God as to how to help people.  

This week we were able to help an investigator decorate for Christmas!! I didn't think I was going to be able to decorate a Christmas tree this year, but I did! Basically this sweet sister needed help setting up her fake Christmas tree because her husband is only home at night, and so we volunteered to come help her one morning... set it up and decorate it with her kids. It was super fun.. it was a little strange setting up a Christmas tree in the middle of November, but to be honest, we have been seeing Christmas trees since the day after Halloween. Everyone here is in love with Christmas. 

Also this week we had a zone conference! so basically we spent all morning and half of the afternoon in meetings with Presidente Gomez. We learned A LOT and we now realize that we need to improve A LOT but we're working hard on that. It was also great because they combined two zones together for the conference.. so my Hermanas from the CCM were there and so it wasn't quite so lonely. It was super long and it was in a room that was air conditioned so we were all FREEZING, but then we left and started sweating again so it's all good. Haha   Another funny story, one young woman told us that her grandma said she always laughs when she sees us pass by her house because Hermana Tituaña is always sweating hard, and I just look like a doll.  It was super kind of her but I'm not sure its true because I certainly don't feel like a doll when were walking around.. I'm definitely sweating just as much as she is, but apparently i don't show it as much hahaha.

Anyways, despite our great challenge of losing our golden family, this week was actually pretty good!  We found new people, a lot of the less active people we are teaching came back to church this past Sunday, and the work is going well!

I love you all!! Happy almost thanksgiving!!
Hermana Gurney

Since Thanksgiving is this week ... I wanted to add a note that she shared with her brother Jared.  "Something that helps me be happier when I'm worrying is to make a list of five blessings or things I'm grateful for everyday. I usually write them down or tell them to Heavenly Father in my prayers. Sometimes its really hard to think of five, but I make myself do it. Little by little ... it becomes easier and easier to think of five so sometimes I change it to 6 or 7.  During the day something funny will happen and I'll be like OH this is my blessing for the day! and then I´m super happy because something good just happened! It has really helped me be happier when things are hard" 

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