Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 23?? I don't actually know what week it is!!

Hey Everyone!

Whooo so this week was interesting ... well actually nothing really new happened!  :)   I finally received my Christmas packages and letters! Thank you to everyone who sent me a letter ... they really made my day :)

So let's see.. I had a work visit this week!  My sister training leader came and worked with me in my area for 24 hours.  I was actually super scared... I still kind of follow around Hermana Inca at times, because I still don't feel like I know everything or everyone in this area! But it actually turned out all right, we were able to find everyone and teach them without many problems.  I learned a lot from that work visit.. I learned that even though I'm the junior companion, I still have a voice. If there's something I think we should do in our area, I can tell my companion and suggest it because I am called to serve in this area and I too can receive revelation for my area.

Hermana Inca and I tried really hard this week to find new people to teach.  We had one investigator who wanted to be baptized...but he just went on a trip and we don't know when he´s coming back. We had like 10 people promise us they would come to church, and then no one showed up. It´s so sad when you know they know what the right choice is, but they don't do it. It makes me think a lot about how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ feel.  They know we know what the right choice is, but sometimes we still choose to disobey. They have lots of patience with us!!

In terms of funny stories... I dont actually know if i have any!! I know there was probably something but I can't remember!

Well last Monday for p-day we went and played capture the flag with water balloons, which was super fun. I guess that gave me a really good workout because then for the rest of the week my legs were sore.. which is not good when you have to walk everywhere during the day.. in a town full of hills. :)
We started teaching a couple that is renting out apartments and they were totally trying to sell their apartments to us.  They were telling us it had air conditioning and might have internet.. and that there would be a place for me to park my car. I had to tell them that I don't have a car and they seemed super surprised.  haha.
I have become quite addicted to curichi of aguaje.  Aguaje is a fruit they have down here and curichi is just like a cream made out of the aguaje. It is super delicious, and lots of people give it to us when we visit them and it's the best.  

Our penionista gave us some food this week that even Hermana Inca didnt want to eat... I dont know what it was but it was pretty gross. It was like gooey and had little hairs sticking out... I ate one and I couldnt eat anymore haha. We went and bought ourselves lunch afterwards.

So yeah that was basically my week! Hope all is going well!
Love you all!!
Hermana Gurney
Oh yeah, my camera broke this week.  I'm taking it to get fixed today, so sorry there are no pictures!

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