Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 21

January 4, 2016


In Peru to celebrate the new year, they do fireworks at midnight but then the next day they all take a suitcase and walk around their house and put all their old junk in the suitcase and throw it out.  This starts the new year cleaner and happier!  I celebrated the new year by helping a sweet hermana cook the food she was going to sell in the afternoon. You wanna know what I did to help? I cut off the toenails of chicken feet.  No, you did not read that wrong, I literally took a knife and cut off the tips of the toes of chicken feet. Don't worry, the chicken were already dead and the legs were already cut off, but it was still pretty gross!  Hermana Inca kept laughing at me cause I thought it was disgusting!  hahaha.

Also we got a new present this week: Hot water!!! We made a deal with the man who owns our apartment, that we would pay 50 soles more in rent every month if he could hook up our apartment with hot water in the shower. So this week I got to shower in hot water! It was one of the biggest blessings ever.. It made me feel like I was back home! :)

In terms of the area...
My legs have still not adjusted to the amount of hills. I come home everyday and can barely walk anymore cause my legs are so tired. It's especially bad on Fridays and Saturdays when we have to work all day. But its okay, by the end of this transfer I will have the legs of Kim Kardashian! (words of Hermana Inca)

We have lots of less actives who are starting to come back to church but who also have LOTS OF PROBLEMS.  I feel like a big part of being a missionary is just listening to problems. Sometimes I just get tired of all the excuses and problems that stop people from going to church or reading their scriptures, or praying!  I hope they can recognize soon that God knows what is happening in your life but yet he also knows you can still keep the commandments! 

My companion is awesome, I am actually having a blast with her!  Even when all our appointments fall through and were just walking in the street talking, I have fun. An elderly man told her Hermana Inca that she has pretty eyes and then said, "give me your heart". She told him she would, but he has to come to church first!  haha

But yeah that's basically whats been going on this week, nothing too different or exciting!
Hope you all have a wonderful 2016 and that you will complete your new years resolutions! 

Hermana Gurney

Portions of a note to her brothers encouraging them to start now preparing for their missions:

Hello my future missionaries ... There's so much I wish I would have done before my mission to prepare, so now I'm telling you ...
1.  Read the Book of Mormon everyday... even if it is just one verse.  I promise you will see a difference in your life if you start reading it daily.  
2.  Try to understand the Atonement.  It is literally our salvation.  Thanks to Christ, we can repent, we don't have to suffer for our sins, but we can return to live with Heavenly Father.  He suffered to understand exactly what we're going through to help us.  It's awesome!
3.  Exercise!!
4.  Learn how to love the gospel.  The gospel is for everyone!  There is something (or many things) in the gospel that can help you specifically!

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