Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 25

February 1, 2016

WHOOO transfers... and I'm still in Tarapoto with Hermana Inca!!

I really thought we were going to have changes, but nope... they never called us. Hermana Jackson was with us this weekend (her companion was ending her mission and went to Iquitos for the weekend to do all the papers and stuff) and she had transfers, but just to another area in Iquitos. It's super weird because they just like switched up everyone's areas.  The zone leaders switched areas with two other elders in our zone... but all four elders are still here, just different areas. It's super strange.

Well this week our pensionista came to church! She is not a member which is weird because usually the pensionistas are members... but anyways she came to church and told us she wants us to start teaching her!   Hey maybe we'll convert our pensionista!!

What else happened this week? 

I GOT MY CAMERA BACK!!! whooo, the guy was able to fix it.. but he also said that if my camera ever falls again, or has any major hit, it'll break beyond repair... hahaha ... so I'm carrying my camera around in a package of cotton balls and I'm being super careful because I don't want to buy a new camera..

This past Monday night we had a family home evening with a less active family in our ward who have just started coming back to church.  They're the cutest. We took pictures, but they are on Hermana Inca's camera.  I'll have to ask her to lend me her camera to send them. We played this game called the cat and the mouse.  Basically you're just in a big group with two ties.. one tie is the cat and the other is the mouse. The mouse you have to tie the tie around your neck twice, and then clap twice.  The cat you tie once and clap once. If the cat and the mouse end up on the same person at the same time, that person loses. It's super funny.. and then whoever loses has to dance like a chicken and take pictures. It's pretty funny, I'll send pictures haha.

Our family home evening!  Whoo!  Their cute eight year old son gave the lesson, his name is Joseph.  His dad is on the right, Lanner.  His mom is behind him, Yuliana (pronounced Juliana).  She is super sweet.  She teaches Relief Society on Sundays and is just super cute.  The grandma is next to me ... I actually don't know her name!  Oops!  

Esmila and her daughter didn't come to church this Sunday... their cousin or someone had some meeting that they needed to be at, or something like that. They said next week they'll come. I don't know how much they'll progress.  Esmila wants to come to church but doesn't want to get married. (getting married costs A TON of money down here and I don't think she has the money) but were going to try to teach her the importance of getting married so she can become a member of the church.

This week we went searching for some of the people in our membership directory... one woman named Norma Pinchi de Pinchi.... (yes that is actually her name) to be honest, we kind of only went looking for her because her name is awesome. Anyways, we found her street and asked everyone if they knew Norma Pinchi de Pinchi (because we couldn't find her house number) and everyone thought we were joking! Anyways we then asked the President of our branch if he knew her, and he said she moved to a different part of Tarapoto.... so we will never be able to meet Norma Pinchi de Pinchi. What a sad day.

So that's kind of it! Nothing really else happened this week... just the usual offering people their salvation but being rejected (hahaha, but its actually true)!

I hope everything is going well at home! Hope you're all enjoying the nice cold weather over there!!

Hermana Gurney

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