Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 28

February 22, 2016


On our last p-day, we went to the river! 

So this week we have had lots of funny moments  (well every week does, just this week I remembered to write down some of them so I could tell you guys hahaha, get ready!)

It was raining and I forgot my umbrella so a member lent me a plastic bag!  

We went and visited a sweet old lady who has a pet turtle!  It's a giant turtle and actually pretty cool, but the funny part was that this turtle had pooped on the floor ...like a lot of poop. And what did this lady do to clean it up? She brought in dirt from outside, put it on top of the poop... stepped on the poop and dirt with her bare feet, and then brought in a shovel to scoop of the poop/dirt combination and drop it outside. Hermana Inca and I were dyingggg of laughter because it was so random and hilarious hahaha. 

Also this past Saturday, they inaugurated our street. Basically, they just added these cement ditches on the sides to help irrigate the water  Because they finished, they had to have a party to celebrate, so starting at 10 o´clock at night, and ending at two in the morning they blasted music from literally right outside our window. Basically Saturday night we didn't sleep at all. It was rough. 

For part of our service hours this week, we helped a cute family move a pile of sand from the street to their front yard.
I don't really know why they needed the pile of sand ... but it's all good!!

Spiritual story-

We went to visit our investigator Karen (Esmila´s daughter) who hadn't been reading her Book of Mormon or praying and was pretty depressed the last time we saw her.  We didn't really know what to teach her...we had studied for her that morning but we were still unsure. We went and just decided to ask questions. She told us that she had gotten lazy and never really wanted to read or pray.  Well, she wanted to, but she was just too lazy to do it.  We asked her if she saw a difference in her life. She said that when she was reading and praying, everything was going better in her life and she was happy. Now she doesn't feel that same happiness and peace that she had before.  We shared a few scriptures about the atonement of Jesus Christ, how much He loves her, and how much He wants to help her.  We shared that Jesus gave us the scriptures and gave us prayer to help us be happy.  He knows that if we do those things, we will have lots of joy and peace in our lives.  We really felt the spirit in that lesson, and I'm sure she did too because we saw a little change in her.  She promised that this week she would read and pray and come to church. Then I felt like I should tell her that she has already received an answer to her prayers regarding the church but maybe didn't recognize it.. that was when she shared a dream with us, which was kinda confusing, but the main part is that there was a man from our church... not anyone specifically, just a man, who showed her a picture. He told her that in this picture is the first members of the church (or something like that) and in the picture was her grandma, who had passed away a while ago. When she shared that my companion and I felt that her grandma had accepted the gospel in the spirit world, and was waiting for her granddaughter to accept it so she could be baptized for her. We explained temples and family history and baptisms for the dead, and there was a change in her. I really feel like what we shared started to change her. We are going to visit her tomorrow to explain more about temples, and I really hope this helps lift her spirits and bring her the happiness she once had.

So yeah that was my week! It was pretty good. How's everything back home?
I miss you guys tons!!
Hermana Gurney

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