Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 27

February 15, 2016

Whooo so this week had its ups and downs, haha just like any other week!

First off, let me tell you  a joke in Spanish!

¿Cual animal tiene lo mas pereza?
El pescado! porque todo lo que hace es "nada nada nada"

(What animal is the laziest? The fish, because all it does is "swim swim swim" or "nothing nothing nothing" ;)

Anyways stories from this week:
We were warned about a thing called fumigaciones that happens at the beginning of each year, usually in February.  A company comes and sprays this spray throughout your entire house to basically kill all the bugs. The funny thing about this company is that they just kinda show up whenever, start spraying, and you just have to run out of the house and you can't return for like 6 hours. Hermana Inca said one of her companions was in her house studying when someone knocked on the door. SO they opened it and these guys with masks and a blow-torch type thingy told them to leave and then started spraying. They didn't even wait for her companion to gather all her things and leave, they just started! Hahahaha. Another Elder told us that once he and his companion were sleeping and this company came at like 5 in the morning, opened the door (somehow...) and started spraying.. while they were there sleeping! So they had to run out of the house at 5 in the morning, and couldn't enter again until 11 o clock hahahaha. Luckily, this hasn't happened to us yet, but our leaders just warned us to ask our landlord when they're going to do fumigaciones so that we can be prepared hahaha.

We found in our area book a teaching record of someone who was never "retenido". So basically as missionaries, if we find someone who is less active, we "rescue" them, which is teaching them all the lessons in Preach My Gospel and they have to come to church 3 times. But once they're "rescued", we have to retain them, which is 11 church attendences and all the lessons repeated.  So we found a teaching record of someone who was rescued 2 years ago, but never retained, so we were like "hey we should retain him"! Turns out this person is the President of the Young Men in the district (district is the smaller version of a stake).. and has been been active for two years. So we literally just had a lesson with him where we just named all the things we have to teach him so he could be "retained".   It was super funny. He´s also a returned missionary so he´d be like "you forgot to teach me ____"! Anyways, so now hes retained! I took a picture of the paper that says he's retained because it's just super funny.

Just a random picture with a large stuffed bunny!

So yeah! Esmila came to church today.. she still doesn't want to get married. She says she knows she will have more blessings if she gets married, but she wants to wait a little longer. We dont really know how to help her have more desire to start the papers now, but were praying and hoping that she can change her mind. She told us she believes the church is true... so now we just need her to act on that belief!

Mili, our pensionista, accepted being baptized on March 5th! but she didn't come to church all three hours yesterday, so her attendance doesn't count, so she probably wont be able to be baptized that day.. but at least she wants to get baptized!!! Whoop!

So yeah that's what's going on in my life, just the usual teaching and teaching and teaching. Hope everything is going well for you guys! I pray for you everyday! I hope you're all reading your scriptures, praying and going to church!

Hermana Gurney

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