Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 29

February 29, 2016

So this week our internet is REALLY awful... we couldn't enter the normal internet place because all the elders beat us to it... so we had to go to the backup internet place, where the internet was slow... but that was full!  So we found another internet place that has a bunch of computers in their attic... so were literally sitting right now in the attic of some random shop on these old computers trying to get the internet to work!  

So this week we went to teach a woman named Josefina, who is really sweet. We always come at three to teach her but everytime she sees us shes like "oh no no no no, I'm about to leave! I don't have anytime!" and then we ask "ten minutes?" and she says "yeah, come on in"!  It's hilarious. Sometimes we don't even have to say anything ... she freaks out for a few seconds and then let's us in!
We also went to find a less active in our directory and when we arrived, his door was open.  From the doorframe, we could see two beds, and the girl lying in one bed started talking to us.. we asked if "David" was home and she was like "nooo, he left a few minutes ago, he's not here!" When she said that the person in the other bed got up and started walking towards the door... so the girl was like "Oh, there is he is! He is home!" as if she didn't know.... hahaha but david was pretty awesome and wants us to come visit all his family.  
This week I was getting out a motokar (like I do every week) and a group people started yelling at me in English ... which happens a lot, but today it was more annoying than usual.  I don't remember why but I kinda got really frustrated and I turned to them and just said really loudly, "COMO YA VUELTA; NO HABLO INGLES" (como ya vuelta doesn't even mean anything, it's just stuff they say in the jungle).   They all started laughing and the guys that were yelling at me got super embarrassed and Hermana Inca was like "Yeah... she doesnt speak English" and then we walked away and just started cracking up. I probably should have been a little nicer, but it was super annoying and I just couldnt handle it anymore hahaha. Hermana Inca told me my accent was actually really good and I didn't sound like a gringa when I said it, so woohoo yay for me!

A typical motokar

I got to hold a Parrot!!  Whoo!!! 

Yesterday it was 8 o'clock and all of our appointments fell through.   We didn't really know what to do. We wanted to have another lesson with a member because we didn't have many for this week, but the appointment we had with a part member family fell through.  We were kinda disappointed, but we decided to go contacting in this area. I looked around and the street name "oriente" came to my mind  I don't really remember how or why, I just saw the street and thought "Yeah, we don't know anyone on that street, let's go there" !  There was no one outside their houses because it was late at night and my companion and I were kinda bummed... but then I saw a house that was a little poorer than others, and I said, "They must be humble, let's contact that house".  We knocked on the door and a teenage girl answered and said she would call her mom to come talk to us. She called her mom and we waited for like 5 minutes and she still wasn't coming.  I said to Hermana Inca, "Let's just go" but she said, "No, let's wait a little longer". Finally the mom came to the door and was like "come on in!" before we even introduced ourselves hahaha. Anyways we talked to her  and it turns out everyone in her family are members in Iquitos.  She's the only one who isn't because she used to travel a lot, and she never had time to attend church and learn more. Then she told us that her mom had come to stay with them for sometime in Tarapoto... who is a member! Out came this elderly lady who was super sweet and joined us in the lesson! My companion and I were just super shocked.. because we never thought we would have another lesson with a member in the hour left that we had, and we never thought we would find someone with such promise! We thanked Heavenly Father aftwerwards for letting find this sister and we hope that she can grow in her knowledge of the gospel!

Family Home Evening with the Perez Reategui family.

Family Home Evening with the Pisfill family.  Their nine year old son is getting baptized in March.

So yeah that was my week, it was pretty good!
How's everyone enjoying the cold back home?
I love you tons!!
Hermana Gurney

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