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March 28, 2016

Happy Easter! or Feliz Pascual!

We were really looking forward to church this week ... because it is Easter ...and everyone goes to church on Easter!  But then it rained all night and hardly anyone came.  It was super sad.  Our pensionista was talking about it and said "They lack faith!"  She is very bold and always goes to church no matter what and she says that is the only reason that they get by.  

I'm doing well ... my companion is great!  She's helping me a lot with my Spanish.  She can translate for me word for word  Before I had to try to describe the word I was looking for in Spanish.   Our area is doing okay... when we arrived... there were literally no investigators.   Now we have a few... we just need to find them in their houses! Whenever we go, they're not home! We have such bad luck.  Slowly by slowly we'll start seeing a change out here.  The branch is so sweet and literally love us, so that really helps that we have so much support from the ward members.

Entrance from Tarapoto to Shilcayo.  You have to cross a river to get to Shilcayo!

So we met the branch president´s family this week- he has three kids. The oldest is 16 and her birthday is in December. (like tyler!) The second is 13 and his birthday is in March (like jared!) and the youngest, is 9 and her birthday is in September! (like kyle!) so basically his three kids are the long lost twins of my family hahah. 

We also met an investigator (he has been an investigator for a whole year) who's twelve years old and the only reason he hasn't been  baptized is because his parents won't let him get baptized in a different church until he is 18.  When I saw his teaching record I was like "why were they teaching a 12 year old??" Then we met him and he is the most mature 12 year old I have ever met. He has read the Book of Mormon four times in the past year.  He told us about a vision that he had that told him the Book of Mormon was true.  He comes to church literally every Sunday, without fail.  He asks the deepest doctrinal questions ever. When we said bye to him, he was like "this week is the week of Easter... I feel like I'm going to have a vision tonight" and then walked back into his house. Hermana Velazquez and I were just dying.  He's already more spiritual than we are.. and he's 12!!

We were able to go listen to the General Womens' conference this weekend! (You can watch at www.lds.org)  Even though it was in Spanish, I understood basically everything.  Last time I watched, I didn't understand anything.  It was so great... they talked a lot about serving others! So I'm going to try to start finding more ways to serve in small ways. I hope you were all able to watch it, cause it was amazing! If not... get prepared for General Conference this upcoming Saturday! whoo!!

Coconut water!!

hermana gurney

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