Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 30

March 8, 2016

Well hello there again!

Today marks the last day of transfers. AGAIN. I feel like yesterday I arrived in Tarapoto and now I already have three months here. CRAZY.  I'm actually super scared for transfers. It's the most likely that Hermana Inca leaves Tarapoto and I stay with a new companion ... but transfers are always weird, so we don't know what is going to happen!!

So I decided that every week I'm going to send you guys a cool scripture. Something that I read this week that I thought was interesting or funny or I don't know.This morning I was reading in Luke and I read Luke 8:2, which tells us that THE Mary Magdalene was possessed by seven devils. I did not know that before and it was pretty interesting when I read it. So there you go, scriptural fun fact for the week.

So I don't really have any funny stories this week... just kinda cool things that happened ... 
1. I got to hold a baby monkey!!

This is the 2nd baby monkey I saw this week.  This one didn't let me hold it though.  

2. We went to the waterfalls and it was the coolest thing I've ever seen ... I'll send pictures!

After we walked behind the waterfalls!

3. My pensionista's dog is pregnant and is going to have puppies in a few weeks... so if I don't transfer, I'll get to take pictures with newly born dogs! whoo!

This week we had an appointment with a contact that we made named Veronica. The contact seemed only kinda interested, so we weren't going to go. Something told us to just go ...so we did. We arrived a little late and she had been waiting for us! She told us that she wants to learn about our religion because she wants to change her life. She has listened to the Jehovah's Witnesses, Evangelists, and Adventists as well ( I think that is what they're called in English hahaha) but she was confused because all of them say they are the true church.  So we shared what Joseph Smith said when he was confused, and she really related to it. We invited her to pray to know if the church was true and she said she would do it. We're going to go visit her today, but all I know is that she was prepared to receive our message. I feel very grateful, that in a small way we were able to follow the Spirit to find her ... we didn't notice it was the Spirit in the moment, but we followed it anyways. I'll keep you updated on her, if I stay in Partido Alto another transfer! haha 

With Geraldine ... she just sent in her mission papers.

Yeah, what else happened?

I don't know really ... this week just kinda happened really fast and now it's over, and I feel like it just started the other day!

I hope everything is going well at home, I pray for all of you everyday!
Pictures are on the way..

Hermana Gurney

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