Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week ... actually I don't know ...32?

March 21, 2016


So okay this week was full of finding new people, finally meeting the members, struggling to find our way around areas that aren't on the map, and living through a TON of rain.

The view from the roof of our house!

Since last Sunday was district conference, we didn't even actually meet the members of our branch, because we were there in a huge group!  This week we had a branch meeting and we finally met everyone! It's actually awesome being a missionary because it gives you an excuse to just go talk to random people and they don't think it's weird!  We met a ton of members.  This branch hasn't had sisters for three months and so when we came everyone was like "We finally have two sisters again! God has sent us two angels!" It's super sweet.  Literally everyone says we're little angels.
This week were able to do a little reference inception... so basically when we contact someone and they live in another area, we write down their address and give it to the missionaries of that area.  It counts as a recieved reference for them. So a little while ago in Partido Alto, we met and taught a girl named Samantha who was visiting family in Partido Alto.  She was super cool, she even took out a notebook and started taking notes when we were teaching. BUT, she lives in Shilcayo.. so we gave the reference to the Elders of Shilcayo.  So ... now I was just transferred to Shilcayo and the Elders hadn't contacted my reference.. so I went and contacted my own reference! haha  Anyways, she's super great ... she said she had prayed to know if it was true but not that sincerely, so she's going to try again to get an answer.  She told us she would come to church yesterday but then didn't come :(  I hope she comes next week!
We met a less active that has some mental issues ... she went through a really traumatic experience three years ago and then a few months ago she fell down the stairs and hit her head. She is a little different but she's HILARIOUS.  She just talks and talks and nothing she says really makes sense but she's reading her Book of Mormon and started coming to church again. It's pretty great!  The other day she told me the boy she is in love with is named Daniel and she thinks he is  my brother because he has my skin color.  Then she told us that Daniel has a clone that sometimes takes her stuff.  She is so loving though.  She always gets so excited when we go visit her and tries to give us stuff.  She is honestly my favorite person to visit. I'll have to take a picture with her for you guys.

So a few weeks ago I said I was going to send cool scriptures every week.  I forgot to do that last week, but I remembered today!

My scripture is in Matthew 13:55-56... it says the names of Christ´s siblings! That's soo cool!!!

So yeah that was basically my week... I hope everything is going well at home! Hope you're all preparing for Easter! whoooO!

Love you tons!!!
Hermana Gurney

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