Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Week 31

March 14, 2016

Here it is ... the moment you've all been waiting for (haha) ...TRANSFERS!!!

So yeah, I had transfers and so did Hermana Inca.  They closed my area in Partido Alto, just like they did in Secada with Hermana Tituaña. It's kinda my curse here in the mission. :)

The good thing is I'm still in Tarapoto.  I had a small change... to La Banda de Shilcayo. It's like a mix of Partido Alto and Secada. It's the poorest part in Tarapoto, but it's still richer than where I was in Iquitos haha.  In some ways, it's nice that its poorer cause the people here are much more humble and much more receptive... they let us in and want to listen to us to change their lives. It's pretty great. Also my area is not quite as hilly as Partido Alto, so my legs are given a little bit of a rest :) 

So not only did I just have transfers to Shilcayo... but I'm opening an area. So basically there were elders here before and now they're sending in two sisters ... me and my companion.  You wanna hear the best part? My companion is new. I'm training her.  Well, okay she has one transfer in the field, but I'm finishing her training.  So basically ... I was given a ton of responsibility and it kinda stresses me out sometimes, but it's okay, I'm learning.

My companion is Hermana Velazquez. She is from Las Vegas!  Her parents are from Mexico, so she already speaks Spanish and English fluently. So that's pretty cool. She's helping me a lot with my translations haha. 

Me and my new companion, Hermana Velazquez

My new apartment.  It is really nice ... super small .. but nice! 
We have a lot of work to do here in Shilcayo... there's lots of missionaries who have baptized in this area within the last two years, but almost half of them are inactive now. So were going to try to work to reactivate all of them.

The area is kinda struggling.  There's not really anyone progressing, but we've found some awesome people that have made of progress. Including one woman that I actually taught in Partido Alto but just once.. she was visiting one of our investigators.  She lives in Shilcayo. We found her yesterday and we're going to go teach her tomorrow.  It's super cool!  

The members are awesome here ... they always want to accompany us, they always give us referrals, help us find everyone in our area book, and introduce us to their neighbors.  They like to show us around which is great because they help us not get lost.  

Anyways, there's not really any funny stories this week, just us getting lost all the time and having to call our district leader to give us directions back to our area.  Also I played the piano yesterday in stake conference (well, its not a stake here, it's a district, but I just call it stake conference) and I forgot to turn off the volume and I accidentally hit the keys in the middle of some guy´s talk.  It was super embarrassing, but that's okay i lived.

Oh yeah, we also met a member who has the best name.. you ready?  Piere Jeffembert Hildebrandt Melendez.  He's Peruvian, but his great grandfather was from Germany. So that's where he got the last name Hildebrandt. He said his mom liked the name Effembert, so she decided to change it a bit and make it his middle name... so thus his middle name became Jeffembert. He didn't think we could remember his name, but we did :) hahaha

We locked ourselves out of our apartment and our landlord is on vacation right now.  No one knows when he'll get home... so we had no hope of getting back into our apartment. We said a pray in the street that our landlord would answer his phone so he could tell us what to do. Thankfully, he did and his girlfriend came home from work to get the keys out and let us in ahaha. It was kinda a stressful few moments, but we lived... and now we check five times for our keys before we leave the house :)

An example of the places where we send our weekly emails.
Hermana Inca took this picture because we were laughing that we didn't have hardly any room to type!

Love you tons! Have a great week!
Hermana Gurney

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