Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 73

January 2, 2017

Well this week has been kinda CRAZY!!

Monday night Hermana Lazarte and I started planning for the next day ... when the assistants called and told us BOTH that we had transfers!!!  Nine sisters went home last transfer and only four came in, so they had to close areas, and just our luck, they closed Moyobamba! Now there are no sisters in Moyobamba!

I left an extensive note explaining what the new elders need to do for Elsa´s wedding and baptism.  I haven't heard anything yet but I'm praying that everything went well! I´m going to try to write a few people to find out if they know what happened!

So now I am in.. IQUITOS again!  I started my mission here and now I'm ending it here! My area is Moronacocha.  This area has had exclusive elders for almost a year now! The ward is so excited to get sisters! My area is quite different than my first area in Iquitos.  This area is in almost the very center of Iquitos ... Secada was way on the outskirts of town. Needless to say, there are still lots of things I had forgotten about Iquitos when I was here so long ago.

This is Laguna Moronacocha... it is right across the street from our house!
It is so pretty!  I think it is connected to the Amazon ... but I'm not sure!

For transfers we had to fly to Lima first and then go to Iquitos!  So we ate Papa Johns!
We didn't know they even had it at the Lima Airport!!

1. The accent! Everyone in Iquitos has a "charapa" accent.  It's hard to explain but they sing a little bit when they talk. Everyone talked to me about their accent when I was here over a year ago, but I didn't notice it because Iquitos was the first place I heard Spanish, so I didn't know any different!  Also, I didn't speak Spanish, so that made it harder to notice accents haahaha. 

2. The heat! I had forgotten what its like to sweat all day every day... I thought I had just gotten used to it during the mission, but really I was just serving in areas that aren't as hot! 

There are more but I can't remember them right now! hahahah

On our way to Tarapoto from Moyobama.  We stopped on the side of the road because
the sign said "There's bread" ... and it was good bread!

My new companion is Hermana Huaycho (pronounced why-cho), she has 13 months in the mission.  I had actually met her when I was in Tarapoto!  We´re stoked to be working together, even if it is only for six weeks! She´s from Arequipa, Peru, where they're building a temple!  She's praying they will dedicate it after she gets home so she can go to the dedication!  I will be training her as a new Sister Training Leader!

Fun story-
The other day we were walking back home and we were stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change so we could cross, and while we were waiting, up comes a motokar and the driver shouts "Hermana Gurney!"... I was super confused cause it was only my second day in Iquitos and I had hardly met anyone in the ward, and I didn't think anyone knew my name!  It turns out that is was Mariyeta and Mac- my old investigators from Secada! The husband is a member and the wife isn't, but while we were teaching her, she decided to get baptized! They still had to get married though, and she never got baptized while I was there. We talked for a little bit and they told me they were still going to church every Sunday and they were super excited to see me again! They promised to come to the airport in February to say goodbye! It was quite a tender mercy... because I was quite sad to leave Moyobamba and was really struggling to understand why God would take me away from Moyobamba when everything was going so well over there.... but this visit was just what I needed to encourage myself to keep going! 

With my new companion Hermana Huaycho and Mariyeta and Mac

I´ll send pictures of this cute family! 
Love you tons!
Hermana Gurney

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