Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 74

January 9, 2017

So this week was great!

We´ve really seen how the Lord is hastening his work!

First, I talked to the zone leaders from Moyobamba and they confirmed that Orlando and Elsa did get married and Elsa did get baptized! I'm so happy for them! I still don't have pictures though...

Remember how last week I talked about things I had forgotten about Iquitos?  I remembered another one! BINGO!! Everyone here sits out on the street playing bingo all day every day.  I don't know what is so enjoyable about bingo that they can play it so much, but they get serious! like don't even try contacting people playing bingo because they won´t pay any attention to you whatsoever... apparently bingo is so intense it needs 100% concentration!

The other thing is aguaje... it's a cool fruit they eat here in the jungle, but mostly in Iquitos.  I saw very few people eat aguaje in Moyobamba and Tarapoto, but in Iquitos EVERYONE is eating it.  I've tried it ... it's not even that good!!

There is a really cool part of my area where the houses are over a little river.

River houses!!

This week in church, there was a lizard! a giant green lizard! I have no idea how it got in the church building, but I saw it during Relief Society and wanted to take a picture but when church ended the lizard was gone :(

This week we had the blessing of finding a super awesome family! Eloy and Nelida. They are super cool! The elders were visiting them a while ago, and gave a health blessing to their granddaughter.  Apparently, the blessing really helped so that opened their hearts and they have started listening to us again!  They came to church yesterday and Eloy said "estoy encantado.. encantadisimo"... literally, he's enchanted hahaha.  He said he wants to keep coming back with all his kids too! Sweet guy! Tomorrow were going to go give them a Book of Mormon so they can start reading!! 

View from a member's backyard!

A cool Peruvian nativity in the Iquitos town square.  They already started to take it down
so I hurried and took a picture!

This week our Bishop also told us a story that really hit me... and I'd like to share it with you guys!
He said he and his wife used to work two jobs to support their family.. they would leave the house at like 8 in the morning and get back at midnight.  It was a busy schedule, but they needed to pay some debts. One day he was coming home and he saw is daughter in the window, waiting for them.  When she saw them, her face lit up and then ran to go to bed so they wouldn't know she was waiting for them! He said he felt so bad that he was hardly spending anytime with his daughter... So he decided to quit his second job to spend time at night with his kids. They still had a lot of debt to pay, but he said that God blessed him! Within a few months of quitting his job, he was able to pay off his debts.. he´s still not sure how but he did! and now he said he has seen how God has blessed him and his family throughout the years.

I really liked that because it reminded me of the importance of spending time with our families! They are the most important thing and not even work should get in the way of that. I love this gospel because it always teaches us the importance of putting our families first!

Hermana Velazquez!!  She is now a sister training leader and was in Iquitos for training.
I was so happy to see her!  (One of us just came out from an
air conditioned room ... the other was sweating out on the streets of Iquitos!)

Love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Gurney

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