Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 76

January 23, 2017

So this week went by super fast! I can´t believe my last transfer is almost ending! That is so crazy!

I finally got pictures from Elsa's baptism and wedding!! YAY!!

So ..this week was good. 

We had an interesting encounter with an Evangelist lady. (I think that's what you call them in English!)  The elders that were in our area before us told us about a young man they were teaching named Eduardo.  We decided to go look for him because they said he was pretty cool.  We found his house and only his sister was there, but she told us to come back another day.   So we did ... this time only the mom and the sister were home.  The mom just stared us down though when we walked in.  She looked at us from head to toe as if we were some type of garbage. It was like something just didn't make sense in her brain.  Then while we were introducing ourselves, she interrupted us to say, "Where are you from?  You're not from here right?"  I told her politely that I wasn't from here, and my companion explained that she wasn't from here either.  We told her we want to start with a prayer and I asked what I could pray for for them.  She then said "The thing is... we had a lot of confidence with the elders.  We knew them well" to which I responded "I'm sorry, they're not here anymore, but we would like start with a prayer, so I can do that".   She looked to my companion and said "Does she not understand??" I was quite offended, because when people insult my Spanish... it hurts.  So I told her that I did understand, and my companion explained that she knows that it might be hard, but the elders aren't here any more but we came to teach the same message.  Then she started a huge rant about how she had told the elders not to come anymore because she is an Evangelist and she won't change her faith.   So my companion and I looked at each other and told her we would leave.   As we were leaving, she told us "don't feel uncomfortable! I accept all religions, but I just wanted you to know!"  We walked outside and just started laughing because it was so ridiculous.  We`ve gotten quite the laugh about it all day! hahaha

We found a new style of living out here.  People have homes along the river but some people build their homes ON the river ... behind the houses along the river.  To get there you have to walk down narrow passages between houses to get to the river out back.  Then you have to walk on lots of planks of wood to get to the houses.
One of the narrow passages!

Walking on the planks of wood!

Walking up to one of our investigator's home!

This week Eloy and Nelida didn't come to church because they went to see family members, but they were really sweet and asked for forgiveness in their prayer in our lesson yesterday and promised to come next week!

Wilder was sober for a whole week... until Saturday morning when he drank a ton.  He didn't come to church yesterday cause he was still a little drunk.  We're going to try to pass by him again this week to help him out.  We need to find a new way to help him but I know God will help us!

This is Paola.  She is super cute and wants to go
on a mission this summer!

This week I also got to work with Hermana Fink again!!  Do you remember when I started out the mission and Hermana Fink and I were companions for a day and we had no idea what we were doing?? Well we had companion exchanges this week and I got to work with her again ... but this time we could speak and we knew what we were doing! hahaha We had fun remembering all the funny stories from the CCM and the start of our missions! We even went and as a service activity helped a member with her English and it was a great reminder of how much we have learned out here in the mission!

This is Romy.  She is the one we were teaching English.  She is hilarious!  I love her tons!
She went on her mission to Argentina!

Anyways, I love you tons!!!
Have a great week!!
Hermana Gurney

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