Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 39

May 9, 2016


My beautiful area!
Yes, they do celebrate Mother´s Day in Peru.  There are not any different traditions. Everything is pretty normal.

So this week was pretty fun.  The highlight was of course skyping my family, but there was lots of other cool things!! 

We were teaching a recent convert named Shantal (I think ive talked about her before.. she´s 10 and the only member and doesn´t like reading her Book of Mormon or going to church, so we´re not quite sure why she got baptized).   We were talking about the importance of prayer. The thing with her is she listens to us because were sometimes funny, but at the same time ... she doesn't really listen.  So we were like "its really important to always pray.. do you remember to pray Shantal?" and she responds "si, hermana" and so I asked her "Are you praying right now?" and she responded "si hermana".  She then stood up, went into her room, grabbed a dress, and changed.  The thing is we don't get annoyed with her because she is only 10.  Every lesson with her is just hilarious. We walk out of the house and we just die laughing hahhahaa. 

Lizbeth this week accepted a baptismal date, which was awesome, but then we had to talk to her about marriage because she´s not married. She talked to her husband and he doesn't want to get married, so thats our biggest obstacle with her right now.  She hasn't come to church either, so we need to go visit her today and find out what's happening. She´s literally the sweetest, so I know everything will work out.

Judith didn't come to church yesterday... even though her cousin (our old pensionista Noria) passed by. Apparently she was a little busy with Mother's Day or something like that. We´re going to go visit her this week again too to find out why.

Did I tell you guys about Meli? the grandma that is raising her three grandkids? She came to church again with her husband. She says she really likes our visits and feels more peace and less worry in her life now that we´ve been visiting her and she has been going to church. I'm glad to know she has felt the spirit. Her only problem is her husband. Her husband listens to us and comes to church but that's only when he's here. He lives in their farm and only comes to Tarapoto every once in a while.  We have to talk to them about marriage too.  I know he´s felt the spirit because he loves coming to church. so that will be our focus this week- teaching about marriage! hahaha

I hope everything is going well at home! Love you guys!!
Hermana Gurney

With Yvonne ... an awesome member that we are working with!


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