Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 40

May 16, 2016

WHOOO week 40, so this week was pretty cool... it went by SUPER FAST!

So we have been teaching a less active named Karina who is super cute and always happy to see us.  She always gives us food (which is the best part hahaha) but she just doesn't have quite enough faith to stop working on Sundays. We´ve been trying to focus on keeping the Sabbath day holy so she can go to church.  We´ll see how it goes.  Her son is named Cesar and he just recently turned eight.  He could very well get baptized, so we´re trying to really focus on Karina so that not only can she return to church but so she can help her son get baptized.  The funny part of this story is that we met Karina and Cesar when we first came to Shilcayo, like our first night (almost three months ago) and from that moment until this past Monday, we thought Cesar´s name was Lozano! We saw him on the street all the time and we´d shout "Heyyyy!!! Lozano!! whats up!" We'd talk to his mom and ask "How's Lozano?"!! This past Monday, we had a family home evening with them and Cesar told us his name was actually Cesar and his last name is Lozano!! We were so embarrassed!!! and now when one of us says something about Cesar, the other one of us gets confused and asks who's Cesar?  hahahaha. Anyways, the story gets better... 

Remember Yudith? The investigator who we didn't think would be that interested, but then came to church and is reading the Book of Mormon? Well we also learned this week that her name is Ludith! with an L!!! The funny part is that I wrote on a pamphlet "Yudith" and asked if that's how you spell her name, and she said yes! but it's not! hahahaha.  So now we´re a little self conscious about our ability to know people´s names.

Meli and her grandkids keep coming to church. Meli even put on her nicest shirt this Sunday and it was so cute! We took a picture with her. She´s still listening to her grandkids read the Book of Mormon to her. She says she feels that this is the true church, because her life has changed a lot since we started visiting her and since she started going to church. She says shes always going to go to church ...but she doesn't want to get baptized. She keeps saying "one day, one day" and so we´re really struggling with helping her understand the importance of getting baptized now, rather than later. If anyone has any tips that would be cool!

Meli is the lady standing next to me.  She looks so happy!  I love it!

With Yetti, who is super cute!  She is 18 and the only active member in her family. She hadn't been coming lately so we went to visit her ... and she came the next Sunday!  :)

Funny stories (besides the name mixups)
We were in a motokar going back to our area and it ran out of gas in the middle of the street! So he had us get out, then he tipped the motokar on its side, put it back upright, had us get on, and then it started again!!! hahahaha  He then went straight to the gas station, but we were just in shock that tipping over your motokar actually works when you're out of gas! hahaha

Another motokar passed by us the other day and there was a turtle tied to the backseat.. but this turtle apparently didn't like the ride cause he was about to walk off the motokar.  The driver just put his hand back and pushed the turtle back further into the motokar! He just acted so natural about it and we were just confused!

Miracle of the week: yesterday night we were super hungry because our dinner was really small and we really wanted to eat something.  We couldn't buy anything since it was Sunday. Anyways, we walked past this lady who sells on the street and is kinda our friend.   We started talking to her like we usually do and she said, "I want to give you guys cutacho!" (which is like our favorite food here, it's like a ball of peanut butter, mashed fried bananas, and I don't know what else, but it's super good).  So she gave us both cutacho and we were so happy!! Even though we didn't pray for food, God saw we needed some and gave it to us!   :) 

So that was my week!!! Hope everything is SUPER DE DUPER back at home!!
I'll talk to you all next week!!
Hermana Gurney

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