Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 41

May 23, 2016

So this week was pretty fun for one main reason - I got to go back and visit Partido Alto!!!

The sister leaders are serving in my old area in Partido Alto, and this week we had a work visit.  So one of them came to work with Hermana Velazquez in our area, and I went with the other sister to Partido Alto!! I feel super blessed, because usually, this doesn't happen! Anyways, it was super fun! I got to see some of the people I visited, and I got to see my old pensionista!! It was so fun! She even made me a bit of cake ;) haha  It was also a little awkward, because there were a few of them who didn't remember me! I guess three months is a long time... hahaha.   Most of the people who didn't remember me ... I only visited a couple times.  

I took pictures with all of them!  

This sweet lady is named Ylaria and she lives in Partido Alto but was going to the branch in Tarapoto ... until we visited her!  She was so excited to see me again!!

Katty, her brother Jose, and her mom Salvit!  They are also super cute!  They were in shock when I knocked on the door!

Hermana Mili, my old pensionista!  She's still going to church and wants to get baptized!!

Meli and her grandkids came to church again! Gerardo couldn't come because he had to unexpectedly travel or something on Friday and didn't get home in time.  We finally taught him about the restoration though! He says he feels like the church is true and he wants to keep coming to church as much as he can.  He wants him and his family to get baptized!  Even Meli said she would like to get baptized... which is a miracle because before she said she didn't feel ready!! We´re super stoked.  We were planning on teaching the law of chastity to start getting them ready to get married, but when we went Gerardo had already left for work!  So this week we´ll teach that! They're a super cute family ... they always read their scriptures and come to church, even when it rains! I just love them so much!!

Love you tons!!! Have a great week!!
Hermana Gurney

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