Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 42

May 30, 2016

Well, it's transfers again! It snuck up so fast... I keep forgetting that tonight is transfers!! I will literally be happy with whatever happens though... if I have transfers or not, it´ll be good for me!

So this week... what even happened?

Well it rained literally ALL DAY last Monday and last Tuesday. It just didn't stop... so the environment suffered consequences....three houses fell down a hill!
Yup! You heard that right... three houses fell down a hill. I even took a picture.
it seems like the ground beneath it just got so wet that it couldn't support the weight of the houses, and they just fell down! Luckily, no one died! One family said they were sitting in their house and heard a loud bang, but they just kinda ignored it... but then they heard it again and ran outside to see what was happening. When they got outside, their house just collapsed and slid down the hill! Crazy right??

Wo the government bought then a few tents that they could sleep in at night, and other people in the neighborhood with extra mattresses lent them places to sleep until they figure out what they're going to do!

Meli accepted a baptismal date for the 25 of June!! Her husband still hasn't come back from his trip to their farm, so were not even sure if she'll be able to get baptized that day, but that's the goal! If you could all pray that her husband comes home soon, that would be really appreciated!!! He's really stopping his whole family´s progress with his absence!

The other day we were waiting for a member to meet us on the street before accompanying us with an investigator.  We had been waiting for a few minutes and we started feeling useless... we weren't doing anything and we needed to do something! There was hardly anyone on the street to contact, so that left us without anything to do... until we realized that if we stood on the corner right in front of the stop sign, the passing motokars would stop at the red light and we could contact them from the street!  We did that a few times! The people kinda got annoyed with us and drove away as soon as the light turned green, but whatever, at least we tried!! One person told us they would go to church though! hahaha. It proved to be a pretty effective method because, with the red light, they couldn't go anywhere! They couldn't escape! hahahahahaha

Yesterday we had the awesome oportunity to go visit a family of recent converts in the Elders area... we had an activity at the church where all the members and missionaries are supposed to unite to go visit the less actives, but this week only two Elders showed up... so they sent me and Hna Velazquez to go visit the Mendoza family.  They were baptized in November and have a girl who's only 15 days older than I am and a son who is 11.  They have the COOLEST backyard... they grow raw cane sugar and papayas.  They also have bananas and bamboo, anyways it's so cool!! They cut off the raw cane sugar and let us eat some and it was so sweet. I took pictures of their backyard, so i'll send them this week. We also set up a service with them on Wednesday, so if I don't have transfers you'll see more cool pictures of their backyard!! The Elders found this family for the most jungly reason.... there was a monkey in their front yard and the Elders wanted to pet it! hahaha  So they asked to pet the monkey, contacted the family, and now the family is baptized! How crazy!! 

Oh also the fun part about visiting this family, is that the Branch President took us in his motokar with his daughter and dropped us off.  His dog (who was at the church for some reason) did not like the fact that he was leaving... so he ran after us!! He followed us all the way to the Mendoza´s house ... without getting hit by a motokar! How crazy is that?? It's one smart dog... anyways week took a picture of the dog :)

So that was my week! It was pretty fun! Hope everything is going well back home!
Love you all!

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